Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blast from the Past

Wow-y!  We are putting together a website for our 10 year high school reunion and gathering photos to put on there... So I dug these up and thought it would be fun to share!! What a walk down memory lane!!! :)

<- Prom: Shannon Talcott, Jenn Gable, Amy Nicholas, Jen Hietikko

<-Graduation: Doug Mellema, Mark Hinshaw, Bob Edenberg, Mark Jennings, Jen Hietikko and Amy Nicholas

<- Band Banquet: Jared Goodrich, Jenn Gable, Me, Beth Welliver, Jill Welliver and Chris Donzell

<- Just the girls goofing off!  Check out those faces... man we were awesome! :) haha!!

<- After Prom - the whole gang 

<- Junior/senior Banquet - Shannon Talcott, Amy Nicholas and yours truly! (And Doug's middle finger...)

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shannonscharf said...

jennifer jean i love the pics! i'm pretty sure i have the exact same ones on my mantel! congrats on the baby news too, i'm soo happy for you guys! that is great, and keep the emails coming, i love being up to date! i hope to talk to you soon!!!! love ya and miss you!