Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big Belly

Well, I've had a request to update the belly photo, so here is this weeks pic.  We are now 24 weeks and going strong. :)  As you can see, the belly is really starting to pop out!!! This little one is going berserk in there... Always kicking and moving and flipping.  It's a really cool feeling - until you get a foot to the bladder!!! haha!!

The family is doing well.  Dogs both have pink eye, which is lovely.  We had some medicine left over from a year ago when Elwood had it and I used it on them for a few days until it ran out, so I called the vet to see if I could just renew the prescription without making an office visit, to save myself $50... well, of course they said they can't do that because the prescription was written so long ago... so, in we go today and $80 later, we have the exact same medicine as before... lovely.  Thank goodness for pet insurance!! :)

The only other thing to report is that this weekend is girls weekend in Pensacola!!! Yea baby!! I can't wait!  Amy, Beth, Amanda and I are going to be doing a whole lot of gabbing and sitting by the pool and or beach since we will be staying at Amanda's condo on the Gulf!! I can't wait!!! Only 1.5 more days of work and then off to Florida for a much needed get-away!!!!!!!!!!  Yippeee!!!!


Jenn's Adventure said...

wow hietikko, you're really starting to pop! I'm excited for you two! Hope you had a fun girls weekend in P-cola.
Keep up the pictures, feels like we get to see you pregos.

Amy Starkey said...

you need to post new belly pictures!!!! :)