Monday, March 25, 2013

23 Weeks

I thought it would be fun to compare the baby belly for all three kiddos to see where I was before compared to this time.  I'm still feeling girl in my gut, however, if I was looking at what I think I was looking at at our last ultrasound, this baby is actually a boy... The belly appears to be riding much higher than with George at 23 weeks, suggesting girl, but I guess we shall know for sure in July!


This girl just keeps cracking me up. Here are a few things from the past couple weeks that keep me laughing.

When we pulled in the driveway after school the other day, she says "Remember when we saw that dog chasing that kangaroo?" I said "No...?" To which she replies, "Remember? Out in the woods?" By that time, I'm just laughing because I know what she's talking about, but she's so cute. So I said, "You mean when the dog was chasing that deer?" She gets mad and says, "NO! That DOG and that KANGAROO!" And it's all over... I can't stop laughing. Then I get, "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!"

At school a few weeks ago, the kids were learning their addresses, parents names, etc. (safety info). So one day, I'm doing dishes and she says "Mama? Are you Jennifer?" I tell her "Yes, I am." She thinks about for a minute then says "And Daddy is Nick-Jen."

This morning, she wakes up and sees snow on the ground (snow at the end of March in Maryland?!! Doesn't happen!) So she says, "Why is there snow? Is it Christmas?"

This afternoon, she wants to watch Beauty and the Beast, so she's snuggled into the chair watching it and about 30 minutes in, she says she wants to play Mario instead. So, I'm busy with laundry and trying to keep a fire going (because winter has finally appeared) and she keeps asking and asking and finally I say "Just give me 3 seconds!" To which she replies, "Well, I want to play Mario before I fall asleep!"

Love this crazy kid!!!