Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, only time for a quick post... I'm exhausted.  First, here is the 32 week belly picture (sorry we missed last week... I kept forgetting until Wednesday, then I went to have Nick take one Wednesday and the battery on the camera was dead, so I figured that meant we weren't supposed to do a picture last week.)  I had a doctor's appointment today.  She said I was doing great.  Weight gain is good, blood pressure is good and size is good, so I guess that means I'm good. :)  She also said she has a feeling this baby is going to be a girl (even though the heartbeat is low) so I guess we'll just have to wait and see! :)  Only 8 more weeks!

We went and picked up the crib and rocking chair this weekend.  We got the crib put together, but haven't had time to do the chair.  I guess that will go on next weekend's agenda.   Here is a quick sneak-peek at the nursery... All you get to see is the bed and the walls around it because, well, those are the only things I could get in the picture while trying to 
stand between all the other junk that needs to be moved out of the way!!  There's still a lot to do in there, but I'm getting it done, slowly.  I have almost all the clothes washed now and all the blankets and toys are clean, so I guess I'm a little further ahead than I was last week!  Oh - we also ordered ourselves a bedroom set (finally), so I was able to take the dresser that we were using in our room and put it in the baby's room to free up a bunch of space for books and whatnot.  Our bedroom set is scheduled to arrive this saturday!! I can't wait! :)  We got a really good deal on it, so we were able to get an armoire for the living room too.  So excited! :)

Oh - by the way, this crib is really freaking huge... sorry about jumping  all over the place, but I was just looking at this picture again and thought I'd mention that! :)  It's super nice though!  The only bummer is that I thought you could put the changing table at the other end b/c that's where I wanted it, but it turns out it only works at the other end... So, I guess I'm not allowed to get any bigger or I won't be able to get to the things on the shelves of the changing table!!  Hmmmm... this is turning into a long post, so i guess I'll just keep going.  I'm really starting to get to the tired phase.  I've been completely exhausted for about 2 or 3 weeks now.  This Little One likes to keep me up all night as does his/her father with his snoring!  So, I've been tired, but I know that's normal for the first and third trimesters, so I guess I'm right on target!

Well, I guess that's about all there is that's new...  I'm sure I'll think of more later, but for now, that's all I've got.  Here are just a couple pics of my boys behaving themselves tonight.  They are so good sometimes. :)  Oh - Jake goes in for his "surgery" Friday, so next week we should have some interesting stories about how we managed to keep the two of them calm so as not to disturb Jake's stitches...  oh how I am not looking forward to that!
P.S. Sorry about the crappy formatting on this post... too tired to try to fix it.  Good night all!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is it?!!?

Well, I had my doctor's appointment today and all is going well.  I finally asked what the heartbeat is because they haven't been telling me (and I haven't been asking because I don't want to know what we are having).  Well, I finally broke down and asked and she said it has been consistently in the low 130's, which she says is consistent with a boy... So, my intuition could be completely wrong and the fact that I have been so convinced that this child is going to be a little girl could be a sign that it's going to be a boy.  One of Nick's co-workers said the only for sure "test" (like hanging the ring over the belly, etc) to figure out what you are having is whatever the mother thinks it is, it's the opposite!! So he could be right!!! Who knows??? Amy was convinced her baby was going to be a boy and they found out last week it's a girl... Sooo... I guess now I need to really start looking at boy names!! So far, I've only made it to the "G" names and haven't found any that I'm just in love with... But I guess the only way to know for sure is to see how it comes out!!! :)

Just thought I'd share! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

29 and 30

Well, I was a bit busy last week, so I didn't post anything.  So, first things first, here is last weeks picture.  The belly is growing like crazy now.  This little one is kicking and making a fuss in the stomach.  Nick got to watch quite a show the other day.  He/she was doing quite a little dance and there were limbs flying and poking out all over the place.  It was really cool.  We are getting to the point where I can, with some certainty, figure out which is the head and which is the butt.  And sometimes I can trace down legs and arms too.  It's really crazy to think that we only have 10 more weeks until this little one is due!! I can't (and can all at the same time) wait!!  We did go order the crib and the rocking chair I wanted this weekend, so we should be picking those up in about 2 weeks.  Then we can start putting the room together for real.  We also picked up the stroller and carseat combo that my parents got us.  It's super cute.  Nick has some work to do though since the stroller is in about 15 pieces!!! :)  This is all still pretty surreal.  It's so weird to think that, after wanting a baby for all this time, we are actually going to have one!!! It's a little scary, but exciting at the same time! Anyway, enough babbling... Here is this weeks. picture... 30 weeks.... 10 to go...

Just to fill you in quickly on everything else that's going on - work has been pretty busy (well, just last week really).  Luckily, I think things will be pretty calm for the next couple weeks, or so one can hope.  I don't know if it's this crazy cold that I have or just being pregnant, but I was just absolutely exhausted today... So I tried to get out of work a little early, but then got stuck in traffic, so I ended up not getting home until 
my normal time anyway.  *sigh* Such is life!  I do have this crappy cold though.  Nick had it the week we got back from vacation and I thought I was lucky enough to avoid it, but apparently not.  It caught up with me last Thursday and had me pretty much knocked out all weekend.  We were supposed to go to our birthing class Saturday, but feeling as crappy as I did, I didn't want to pass it on to all the other pregnant ladies... So we had to reschedule for October.  So, lets all hope this baby doesn't come early, or we will be in trouble and not know what to when it comes!!

The dogs are behaving themselves, mostly.  Nick almost killed Elwood this weekend... I was already in bed Saturday night and Nick went to let the dogs go out before going to bed... Well, our good little guy, Jake, went right out.  Elwood stuck his head out the door like he was going to go out, then he circled around and came back in and peed right in the subwoofer for Nick's new surround sound system!!!  Seriously! There is just one little opening in the whole dang thing - the rest is solid - and he managed to go DIRECTLY in the one hole!!!!  And when Nick yelled at him to stop; he just kept going!!!  Then he said "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU DOG!!!" and Elwood took off outside and hid in the far corner of the yard and stayed out there for an hour and a half!!  Even the next morning, Elwood was afraid to come near Nick.  Apparently dogs know what "I'm going to kill you" means!!! hahaa!!! Crazy damn dog!!  
Okay - well, I take that behaving themselves thing back... Jake just knocked the lamp off the table... still works, so I guess it's all good, but here is a picture of them from just before the lamp went flying... haha!! Dorky dogs. :)

Anyway, I am going to go take some cough medicine and go to bed now... I will try to remember to update after my doctors appointment tomorrow.

Good day! :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Well, to begin with, we were in Michigan last week for a much needed vacation.  I spent the first half of the week in Cadillac and the second half of the week in Alpena.  Nick headed over to Alpena Sunday to spend some time at the lake with his family while the weather was still nice - it was beautiful all week, by the way.  One little shower, during the first baby shower, and that's it.  Sunny skies and high 70's, low 80's the rest of the week.  It was great! :)  Since Nick went to Alpena early, I forgot to have him do a belly shot last week.  I also forgot last night because I was so tired from traveling and not feeling too well, that I fell asleep about 6:30.  So, long story short, here is this weeks photo - 28 weeks and 1 day... Time is cruising by and the belly is growing like crazy.  I got a foot to the ribs a couple times today.  That was a first and really weird feeling.  I was trying to bend over and found that there was something stopping me from doing so... namely, a little foot... speaking of which... there it goes again.  Apparently, this little one does not like me bending over while typing.  I'm going to have to improve my posture greatly over the next couple months!!

While home, we did baby showers in both Cadillac and Alpena.  It was great to see everyone!! :)  We got TONS of stuff.  Most of it we had to leave home to be shipped out hauled out later.  I did get lots of clothes home.  Here are some of my favorite things that we got and I was able to get home.  I know it's hard to see, but you just can't help but love the little hat knitted by Grandma Lumsden and the John Deer socks from Uncle Adam and Aunt Mandy!!  How cute! :)  We also got all the bedding and curtains for our nursery, so I have put up curtains in one window, but need to get more rods for the other window.  Hopefully this weekend we will get to Babies-R-Us to pick up the crib and mattress and get this place looking like a nursery!!!  I'm starting to panic a little not having anything put together with only 12 more weeks to go!!! I know it sounds like a long time, but somehow we managed to fly to 28 weeks in what seemed like 5 weeks... sooooo.....  if we keep up with that schedule, we will be at 40 weeks about next week... so I better get cracking!!!

On a not so happy note, we got a call from my mom Sunday while we were driving back to the airport that my grandpa was in the hospital and they think he had a stroke.  The doctors thought he might only have a couple days to a week to live.  However, we got another call about 20 minutes later letting us know that he passed away.  :(  So, I will be making a VERY short trip back home again for the funeral on Thursday afternoon...

Other than that, not much new to report.  Back to work today for a nice, quiet day, since everyone else was still out for their long weekend after working the previous weekend to meet a deadline.  But all shall be back to normal craziness tomorrow morning!

Oh yeah - we picked the dogs up from daycare Sunday evening... they have both been sleeping pretty much the entire time since we brought them home... ahhhh... how I love vacations! :)

And another thing... I had a doctors appointment today and have only gained 2 lbs this month!!! So, she couldn't yell at me this time!! Yea for me!