Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proud of My Girl

Last week, we officially started potty training with big girl underwear. :)  Here's how it has been going so far:

Day 1 (Tuesday)
  • 2 accidents (at daycare, they give them 2 accidents, then put them back in pullups for the rest of the day)
Day 2 (Wednesday)
  • Wednesday's are Ms. Dana's day off, so we didn't do underwear on Wednesday because the other teachers seem more overwhelmed by things when Dana is not there and this class had 3 little ones starting in underwear last week
Day 3 (Thursday)
  • 2 accidents, back to pull ups
Day 4 (Friday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! :)  Yay for our Big Girl!
  • Had an accident about 7:30pm at home and was very upset about it - trying to hide in my craft room to hide it.  Poor girl.
  • Little stinker refused to go on the potty ALL WEEKEND. So we stayed in diapers and pull ups all weekend.  She did not go on the potty once! It was a serious attitude weekend, so I am excluding it from our potty training days...
Day 5 (Monday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! And ALL NIGHT!!!!
Day 6 (Tuesday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! Had an accident just before bathtime.
Day 7 (Wednesday)
  • Had one accident at daycare and one at home. (It was Dana's day off).
I am SO PROUD of my Big Girl! We are going to be truly potty trained before we know it! Hopefully before Little Lumsden #2 arrives. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

28 Weeks

28 weeks and going strong. I have a little wiggle bottom in my tummy tonight! He/she is wiggling and kicking and moving up a storm.  I have still had some rough days with contractions, but I'm working through it, trying to make sure to stay hydrated and working on eating healthier (with the exception of my afternoon chocolate craving that must be satisfied...)
We had a great weekend visit with Grandma Lumsden and Nick and I got our first chance to get away for a night since before Belle was born.  We made the trip to Atlantic City Friday night.  Nick got to play some craps, I got to do a little shopping and, most importantly, get a prenatal massage!!!  It was heaven!  Why do those 55 minutes always seem to go so fast?! And - I was out cold by about 10:30 pm.  Yeah, living it up.  But I actually got a solid night of sleep AND got to sleep in Saturday morning which doesn't really happen too often now that Little Miss can open doors and is in a toddler bed! :)  Thank you, Gloria for a night out!