Monday, March 30, 2009

Sleepy Girl

Just thought I'd share our sleepy girl when we got home from Daycare today... All that awake last night must have worn her out... She was up 6 times last night!! Ugh... Mommy and Daddy are EXHAUSTED!!! But this little face is worth every minute of it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Hands and Feet

So, I copied from Amy, but she has all these cute little photos of Kaylen's hands and feet and they are just adorable, so I finally got some cute ones of Belle... enjoy

Baby Girl

I know it's been a while, but here are some new pictures for you...
Belle and I after work one day... She fell asleep and I woke her up so that she would go to bed at bedtime. She wasn't too happy about that. :)
Belle sporting her cool shades... I love the look on her face - "What else ya got??" Petting Jake. He was trying to be all snuggly and cuddly with her, but he doesn't know that he weighs 55 pounds and that she's just a little cupcake and that when he rolls on her like he rolls on us, it might actually hurt her... We're trying to teach him not to be such a little puppy around her. :)
Last Saturday was her first day of cereal... She really doesn't much like it. She's getting a little more used to it, but she still doesn't like it. We still get this face when she eats. I can't wait until I figure out how to convert the videos from my camcorder to a usable format so I can post them. I have one of her eating on the second day and it's quite hilarious!!Started her on veggies this Saturday... Here's what she looked like today after eating her green beans. By the way, green beans give babies just as much gas as big people!!! She has some seriously smelly farts!!!Hanging out on the floor before bathtime. She's getting so strong! She doesn't even really mind being on her stomach sometimes now. She's going to figure out how to roll off of it pretty soon.Rolling over before bath time.So cute in her towel! She had a fun time in the bath splashing around and FINALLY went to sleep afterward!! She ate TONS today and didn't poop at all... I sure hope the explosion happens at daycare tomorrow!!!! :) hehe I'm so mean! :)Well, it's been quite a week. I sure wish we would win the lotto already... I'm sick of working. I just need a couple extra days at home with my baby girl. It really got me this week... I don't know if it was just because work was really stressful this week or if it's just really starting to get to me that I don't get nearly enough time with her in the evenings, but I've been a mess all weekend. I find myself just starting to cry when I'm holding her for no good reason... Nick says "as long as it's not 'post mordom' depression" LOL!!! Yeah, that's what he said... Quickly followed by "wait - that's not it..." haha! He's so funny.

And some other sad news from this week... My cousin Luke's little boy, Link, passed away Thursday... He has been really sick since he was born and has been in and out of the hospitals all his little life. The doctors didn't expect him to make for more than 6 months... He was 2 1/2... Please pray for Luke and Liz in this hard time... :*(

Friday, March 20, 2009

4 Months Old!!!

Well, Isabelle is 4 months old today!!! I don't know how it happened, but somehow four months have already disappeared... It's pretty sad, really... But anyway, so she had a very big day!!! We started off by sleeping through the night last night! I needed extra Belle time last night so she didn't get to bed until a little after 8 instead of her normal 7-7:30ish and she slept until 6:30 this morning!! (Well, she did fuss a little at 4:45 and I got up and gave her her paci back and she went back to bed). Anyway, she's been trying to roll over for a couple weeks now and when I went to pick her up from daycare today, they said she did it today!!! Twice! :) It's so exciting! She rolls from her back to her tummy and then gets all mad because she's on her tummy and she still doesn't like tummy time. hehe Silly girl! I am kind of sad that I missed her first time rolling over, but until I win the lotto, I have come to terms with the fact that I have to work and will miss a lot of firsts... It totally sucks, but I guess you just do what you have to do... I just hope I don't miss the first word and ESPECIALLY not the first time she says "mama" or "dada". I will cry my eyes out if I miss the first of that! I should talk to the daycare people and tell them not to tell me when she has firsts, then all her firsts will be when she's home with me! :) We'll see... But to make me feel better, she DID roll over for me at the doctor's office!!! What a good girl!

Anyway, so, we went to the doctor and our little munchkin is now 25 inches long and 16lbs 15oz!! Almost 17lbs!! Holy smokes! Anyway, that puts her in the 75th percentile for length and still above the 95th for weight. But she is quite healthy. She does have "inverted eyelashes" on the bottom eyelashes, which is the cause of all the eye goobies that she's had because the eyelashes are irritating the eyes, which is what I thought from the beginning, but what do I know?? Anyway, Doc says it's nothing to worry about yet and he hopes that as she grows, some of the fat in those (cute little) cheeks will go away and the eyelashes will unfold themselves. However, if they don't, then we'll have to go see a pediatric opthomologist... For now, he gave us some ointment to put in her eyes to keep her from getting an infection. He also told us to put a couple drops of baby shampoo in a glass of water and use a sterile cotton ball to wipe all the goobies off of her eyelashes. Anyway, other than the eye goobies, she is healthy as can be and we can start her on cereal tomorrow and in a couple weeks, we can start her on vegetables! That's quite a lot of milestones in one day!! I don't think her monthly calandar can handle that many stickers on one day!! I'm going to have to put some numbers in it and put some footnotes at the bottom!! haha!!

So, I decided to do this little growth chart thing for Belle's scrapbook (yeah... someday that'll happen)... so I just started it and decided to put it here for you to see where she is and has been growth wise. :) I just read today that breastfed babies typically grow faster than formula fed babies in the first 3 months, then slower than formula fed babies from 3 to 12 months. Interesting little tidbit for the day!

Anyway, I'm going to go do some facebook reading to see what the latest gossip is all about and then I'm off to bed!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Just a couple pictures for you for St. Patty's Day... they weren't taken today, but that's okay. :)Belle in her new Baby Einstein bouncer... Talk about over stimulation!!! I hung all the hangy toys that we had on this thing except for one because there aren't enough hooks for all the toys we have! Anyway, she loves this thing so far. She's a little small for it yet, so we have to put a blanket around her belly so that she is a little more sturdy in there, but she likes it. She figured out how to bounce a little today and she was giggling about it. :) So cute!

Trying to figure out what those flashing lights are all about and how they got going... by the way, she figured that out today too... i'm quite certain it was accidental, but she made the music play several times!
Me and my little Blue Eyed Girl! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hanging with the Kids

Well, just a quick picture from today. The dogs love to lay down by Isabelle. Today they wanted to hang out with me too... :)
Nothing else new to report. Looking forward to our trip home April 9th!!!

Little Chatter Box

well, i don't know how to edit this, so it's a long and kind of dark video, but i finally got belle talking on video. it's not great quality b/c it's just with my camera, not our video recorder, but it's cute anyway. she was supposed to be in bed, but thought she should be talking instead... she takes after grandma lumsden!!! :) Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Trick

So, Belle has learned a new trick... How to stick out her tongue!!! And she sticks it out ALL THE TIME!!! It's so cute! It has Nick and I cracking up. I finally captured a picture of it last night (when she was supposed to be sleeping, but thought she should be awake and playing and sticking her tongue out instead). So, here are some pictures from this weekend. It was so nice out! :) So she was in her cute little dresses all weekend. For some reason, she hasn't been wanting to go to sleep the last two night either. It must be too warm or something because she is just completely restless. So, she finally went to bed with me last night around midnight and tonight she finally fell asleep around 10:30. So, now I have a lot of things to do quickly before bed. I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow!

So, the radio station I listen to out here is doing a "cutest kid" photo contest and the winner gets a trip for 4 to Orlando. So, I entered this photo with the tongue sticking out because it's so darn cute. :) Voting starts March 16th, so I'll send you all a link then so you can go vote for us!!! hehe!This is her adorable little jean dress and cute little purple hat. I've been looking for a regular little sun bonnet - something to cover her ears and keep the sun out of her face, but I haven't been able to find one. The only thing I can find is these little floppy hats, which I love, but it doesn't tie (so she can pull it right off) and it doesn't keep the wind out of her ears. Oh, yesterday, it was so nice out, so we took the dogs to the park and took Belle too. It was her first trip to the dog park and she loved it! She just watched all the dogs running around and was giggling and smiling, then she fell asleep. :) Too much fresh air!!
Hanging out with her pups. Elwood is such a protector. He would barely leave our side at the park yesterday. He kept thinking "I should go play... no, I should stay by mom and Belle..." I could just hear his little mind running... he would go play for about a minute, then run back to make sure we were okay... it was cute. :)
Sitting in her Bumbo. She just loves this thing. We sit her in it and turn on some cartoons and she'll just chill and watch TV for an hour!!Spitting up on daddy instead of sleeping...
This is when she was supposed to be sleeping... She just wanted to play!! Wide awake and sticking that tongue out saying "You can't make me go to sleep!"

Well, that's it for now. I am going to go pay some bills and get to sleep!!! It's going to be a long, exhausting day! We miss you all and hope to see you soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

new pictures

Just some new pictures really quick. Enjoy.Sleeping on the floor.Good morning!! Now let me sleep...Playing on the floor with the dogs.Drooling all over mommy. Look at those baby blues!!!