Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Girl

I know it's been a while, but here are some new pictures for you...
Belle and I after work one day... She fell asleep and I woke her up so that she would go to bed at bedtime. She wasn't too happy about that. :)
Belle sporting her cool shades... I love the look on her face - "What else ya got??" Petting Jake. He was trying to be all snuggly and cuddly with her, but he doesn't know that he weighs 55 pounds and that she's just a little cupcake and that when he rolls on her like he rolls on us, it might actually hurt her... We're trying to teach him not to be such a little puppy around her. :)
Last Saturday was her first day of cereal... She really doesn't much like it. She's getting a little more used to it, but she still doesn't like it. We still get this face when she eats. I can't wait until I figure out how to convert the videos from my camcorder to a usable format so I can post them. I have one of her eating on the second day and it's quite hilarious!!Started her on veggies this Saturday... Here's what she looked like today after eating her green beans. By the way, green beans give babies just as much gas as big people!!! She has some seriously smelly farts!!!Hanging out on the floor before bathtime. She's getting so strong! She doesn't even really mind being on her stomach sometimes now. She's going to figure out how to roll off of it pretty soon.Rolling over before bath time.So cute in her towel! She had a fun time in the bath splashing around and FINALLY went to sleep afterward!! She ate TONS today and didn't poop at all... I sure hope the explosion happens at daycare tomorrow!!!! :) hehe I'm so mean! :)Well, it's been quite a week. I sure wish we would win the lotto already... I'm sick of working. I just need a couple extra days at home with my baby girl. It really got me this week... I don't know if it was just because work was really stressful this week or if it's just really starting to get to me that I don't get nearly enough time with her in the evenings, but I've been a mess all weekend. I find myself just starting to cry when I'm holding her for no good reason... Nick says "as long as it's not 'post mordom' depression" LOL!!! Yeah, that's what he said... Quickly followed by "wait - that's not it..." haha! He's so funny.

And some other sad news from this week... My cousin Luke's little boy, Link, passed away Thursday... He has been really sick since he was born and has been in and out of the hospitals all his little life. The doctors didn't expect him to make for more than 6 months... He was 2 1/2... Please pray for Luke and Liz in this hard time... :*(

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