Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dog Poop Day

Belle woke me up this morning by throwing a bunch of stuffed animals in my bed then says "Mama, look at this!" And she's holding up something black and round. Since I can't see, and she's HOLDING it, I assume it's play dough and just ask "what is it?" To which she just shrugs her little shoulders and says "dog poop". I flew out of bed and yell "put it down and go wash your hands!"
So this morning, we are washing bedding... and to top it off, she has no idea where she got it! The only thing I can think of is that it somehow got put in the box of toys that I brought down from the attic and I didn't find it when I put them away again. Needless to say, we will be washing an awful lot of toys in the next couple days!

Been Awhile

Is anyone even still checking in on this?!! I'm sure I would have given up by now... :)
Latest and greatest: Isabelle will be starting preschool September 5th! She's very excited and I'm a little excited, a little nervous... I know she'll do great and really, it will be no different than daycare, but it's just the fact that it has the word "school" in the name - makes it all sound so much older and I'm not ready for her to be older yet! She is a great help around the house - turning into quite the little mommy. She always wants to help her brother out and even tries to pick him up and carry him sometimes, which is quite hilarious, given that he is more than half her size! She has a mind of her own and is currently infatuated with Scooby Doo and My Little Pony's. She starts most her sentences these days with "Like..." - totally Shaggy!
George is growing like a weed and is officially walking! He is talking more an more every day. Today, he said "Mommy" for the first time!!! :) He also learned the sign for "eat" and figured out where his nose and ears are today. It was a busy day! He is now 34 inches tall and doesn't seem to be willing to slow it down for me...  This stage is always so strange for me... On one hand, it's super exciting to watch your child become more independent and learn so much. On the other hand, it's kind of sad to reach that point where they don't have to depend on you for every little thing... *sigh*
Our household is currently undergoing a major organizational change, which I have begun to refer to as "Operation Organization". It's exhausting, but I can't stand the clutter and chaos anymore! I cleaned and reorganized the kitchen last week and am currently working on converting the living room/dining room areas to our new family/play area. The play area in the basement is disappearing and moving upstairs! I need to get some storage put into the living room and go through the toys to get rid of about half of them and then we'll be good to go! Hopefully a single room of toys and much less toys will help keep the place tidier and help Belle to learn to clean up after herself! Nick will be thrilled to have the entire basement back to actually become his "man cave". Not sure which will go in first - pool table or poker table... Hoping for the later! :) Either way, I see a serious basement re-org in my near future!
Jenny Jean Designs is finally beginning to take off! I've had 3 sales this week alone with another tomorrow to a wonderful friend of mine! Here's hoping this is the beginning of good things to come! :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Have Learned

* kids and dogs come with a manual that tells them "when walking, swerve in front of people and stop suddenly". This causes the best language to spew from the mouths of the person behind.
* dirt multiplies in houses - especially on white floors.
* everything that can be spilled will be - on the most inconvenient of surfaces.
* it is possible for babies to poop more times in a day than they eat. On a regular basis.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sweet Moments

I have officially been a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) for about a month now and I have to say - I am LOVING it! I feel sooo much more relaxed and the kids (and Nick) seem to be benefiting from it too. The house? Yeah, it's a bit messier these days without our cleaning lady... The laundry? Doesn't get done on a regular basis... The bills? Money is a bit tighter, but we are managing... The cooking? It's a work in progress - burnt meals are to be expected... Is it worth it? 100% to see the smiles on my baby's faces and to get all the cuddle time I can handle! I am loving it! Next task - figure out how to make some extra cash to allow me to continue to stay home! While I am still looking for work (as required by the State of Maryland to claim unemployment), I will be honest and say that I dread looking for something else for fear of getting an offer that I can't turn down. I did have a company that was very interested and I'm certain they were ready to make an offer; however, after our hospital visit with Belle, I had to call them and tell them "Thanks, but no thanks" because the commute would have been 1.5 hours each way.
After her emergency room visit, I realized that I just cannot work that far away from my kids, especially at this age. If there is an emergency at daycare, it would take me 2+ hours to get from work, to daycare, and to the hospital. Or, if the emergency was bad enough (God forbid) that they would have to go by ambulance, it would still take me almost 2 hours to get there, with a terrified child alone in an ER. No thanks. So, I am just hoping that something comes up close to home - or I can make some of my "business ideas" work...
I am also tossing around the idea of heading back to school... I have been unhappy being and engineer for quite some time and this "break" seems to be just the kick in the pants to get me moving on my next career venture... What am I thinking?? Law school. Crazy, I know... But if I'm going to do it, I have to get started on it now and Maryland has a lot of great schools. The next step is to actually research to figure out exactly what type of law I would like to pursue (at this point, I am thinking labor law/civil law - something where I can help people who have been wronged) and then figure out which school I would like to head to and then get some financing. Who knows - stranger things have happened! :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Again

Well, I haven't been here in a while and so much has happened! First - Happy New Year! Crazy how fast 2011 went. Seems as though the years just keep getting faster and faster! (Does that statement officially make me old?!) Here are a few updates from the past couple months:

Isabelle: Has turned 3!!! And a big three she is! She was 40 lbs and 40 inches tall at her 3 year appointment. She has a super fun birthday party at the aquatic center near our house. Three of her friends (and their parents), Ben and Julia, and of course, Dana all came to celebrate! She is learning so much and now understands what numbers mean instead of just being able to count. She can point and count a number of items and *generally* comes up with the right number! She doesn't quite get her age yet... She'll usually say she is 4, when asked! She has mostly outgrown the terrible twos. We are into a new, energetic, loving, happy, usually obedient, phase. We love this little girl!

Birthday girl making a wish.

Friends "helping" to open presents!

In the pool.

George enjoying the party too.

Going down the slide with Nicholas.
George: Is now seven months old! At his 6-month well-visit, he weighed in at 22 lbs, 8 oz and was 28 inches long with a head circumference of 44 cm. This translates to: well above 95th percentile for weight and somewhere in between 90th and 95th for length. He was back to the doctor for a flu booster just after Christmas and was 24 lbs 4 oz. :) Happy, healthy baby boy! He is sitting like a champ, trying to crawl (having difficulties with our wooden and tiled floors - keeps slipping), has two teeth (and is working on several more). He is "talking" and the "words" we have recorded so far are: Dada, Belle, ba-ba, and - finally - Mama (as of Sunday).
Photo shoot in the leaves.


So happy!

6 months!

7 months!