Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Devil's Night!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Devil's Night!  And I hope none of you crazy kids are out there TP-ing or egging anything! :)

Just thought I'd write a quick post to let you all know how my doctor's appointment went Tuesday.  Doc says everything looks good.  Gained another 4 lbs though... oops!!! Dang that Halloween candy!!! Blood pressure, pee test, measurements, etc are looking good.  The only thing that's a little off is this baby!  He/she is a laying a little lopsided, with his/her head pointed to the side with the head right above my pelvic bone, instead of head down.  But we still have 3.5 weeks to get the little one rotated where he/she's supposed to be, so she wasn't at all worried about it.  Another couple appointments and we will have a little bundle of joy to bring home with us!!

That's it in a nutshell!  It's been a bit chilly out here.  In the 40's every day, so we just might get some sort of snow this year!! Hopefully we'll have some of the white stuff for Christmas!! Green Christmas's are just so.......... WIERD......  :)

Happy Halloween to everyone tomorrow! Hope you all have a fun, safe night! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

36 weeks

Well, here you have it... Week 36 (with demon dog in the background).  The belly is big and about to explode.  I can't really see my feet so much anymore and bending over is almost completely out of the question.  I have to pee about 50 times a night still so sleep is not so much happening, but I guess that's okay.  Getting prepared for the Little One, I guess... And I think we've finally settled on some names, but we are keeping them secret!!! Sooo.... You get to wait for another 4 weeks to find out what this Little Lumsden is and what his or her name is going to be!! :)  haha!!!

Well, we went to our childbirth class this weekend.  It was actually very informative.  We learned all about what to expect before labor, what signs to watch for, etc.  We also got to watch a birth... that's always fun... haha!! Could have actually done with that, but glad the lady decided to have us watch it right BEFORE lunch instead of after... :)  We also took a newborn care class Saturday which was REALLY helpful.  The lady was absolutely hillarious!  But she went through everything from diapering to bathing to what products to buy.  It was great and VERY practical information!!  Not much other news, really.  We got our playpen this weekend.  It's really pretty cute and will work great. :) Doesn't match our other stuff, but that's okay.  I also worked on my quilt a little more this weekend.  I still have tons to do on it before it's finished, but, I'm getting there, little by little.

Oh, we got a package from Aunt Amy and Uncle Nate today!!  She made us an adorable little blanket!!! Here is the picture (stolen from Amy's blog 
cause I'm too lazy to take a picture myself).  I love it!!! :)  Oh - I also went shopping this weekend and got the cutest little Thanksgiving outfit!  I hope Little Lumsden wants to come a little early or on time so we can actually use it this year!! If not, I'll have to take it back!  But the good thing is, it was on clearance, so the little hat, socks and outfit were only $13. :)  I love the Carter's outlet!!! It's such a dangerous store!

Oh!!! And Jill had her little baby girl, Phoenix Rose this morning just before noon.  I can't wait to see pictures of the little girl!  AND Jules is pregnant again!! Her new Little One is due end of June/beginning of July sometime! :)

Okay, I guess that's it for me!  I have to get to bed before Nick so I can get to sleep before the snoring starts or I find myself sleeping on the couch, which is totally not a comfy place for a fat pregnant lady!!! :o

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Update

Well, I'll start with cute pictures of the pup-pups.  It was so nice out this weekend.  When they got tired of racing around the yard and digging holes, they came in to lay in the sunshine and take a rest.  This is Jake hiding under the Grandpa chair for a nap and then Elwood (still thinking he's a cat) laying on the back of the couch in the sunshine.  They are cute. :)  

Well, then the next photo is from about Thursday last week (33 weeks, 3 days).  I kept forgetting to take a picture and then I remembered and the camera was lost, so that made it wait another day or two... and then it was Thursday, so there is the picture... Then the next picture is from today (34 weeks).  Amy was yelling at me for not updating this in a while, so I had to get on it today...

Anyway, we had a pretty nice weekend.  Saturday, we went to the Rennasaince Festival in Crownsville which is always fun.  It's entertaining to see all the people dressed up and whatnot.  It was a little warm and I was exhausted when I got home.  I passed out in my new chair almost immediately and then the dogs were barking and being crazy, so I made my way to bed and had a nice two hour nap.  Much needed, I must say!  Anyway, then Sunday, I put together the rocking chair and ottoman in the nursery and cleaned up a little more in there.  Then I started on the quilt for our Little Cookie Monster.  I didn't make it very far yet, but at least it's started!! That's a good thing! :)  Hopefully I'll get time to work on it a little during the week and finish it next weekend.  I'll take pictures when I finally do finish it and I'll show you all. :) 

That's about the extent of this weekend's activities... Back to work today and that's about it.

I did have a doctors appointment today.  Can you believe I only have 4 more appointments scheduled?!?!  Crazy!! And the last one is scheduled for the day after our due date, so maybe only 3 more appointments.  Anyway, I just thought I'd fill you all in on this weeks happenings so far.  Oh yeah, last week, we got all the stuff we ordered from Walmart.  I got the mobile for the crib and it is SOOOO cute!!!  I can't wait to get the nursery cleaned up so I can post some more pictures for you guys! :)  It's really getting cute in there!  I am just trying to make room downstairs for all the stuff I have to get out of the nursery.  But for now, all the stuff is just sitting in the middle of the floor in the nursery, along with a big ole TV that we don't know what to do with... We brought it back from 
Michigan to put in the basement, but then Nick went and got a bigger TV so now we just have this extra one sitting here because there isn't any cable plugs in the nursery to put it in there and  all the other rooms already have TV's.  When did it become normal to have a billion televisions?!!?!  And why do we have a billion televisions?!!  Anyway, I am not sure of the answer to this question, but we happen to have approximately one television too many and I don't know what to do with it anymore now that we only have a 2 bedroom place and not a 3 bedroom sprawling house with several extra rooms that can accommodate televisions... So yeah... I'm done with that for now.

Well, I think I'm going to go have a nice warm shower and get to bed.  I'm so sleepy lately... *yawn*  Goodnight to all!!