Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Proud of My Girl

Last week, we officially started potty training with big girl underwear. :)  Here's how it has been going so far:

Day 1 (Tuesday)
  • 2 accidents (at daycare, they give them 2 accidents, then put them back in pullups for the rest of the day)
Day 2 (Wednesday)
  • Wednesday's are Ms. Dana's day off, so we didn't do underwear on Wednesday because the other teachers seem more overwhelmed by things when Dana is not there and this class had 3 little ones starting in underwear last week
Day 3 (Thursday)
  • 2 accidents, back to pull ups
Day 4 (Friday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! :)  Yay for our Big Girl!
  • Had an accident about 7:30pm at home and was very upset about it - trying to hide in my craft room to hide it.  Poor girl.
  • Little stinker refused to go on the potty ALL WEEKEND. So we stayed in diapers and pull ups all weekend.  She did not go on the potty once! It was a serious attitude weekend, so I am excluding it from our potty training days...
Day 5 (Monday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! And ALL NIGHT!!!!
Day 6 (Tuesday)
  • Stayed dry ALL DAY!!! Had an accident just before bathtime.
Day 7 (Wednesday)
  • Had one accident at daycare and one at home. (It was Dana's day off).
I am SO PROUD of my Big Girl! We are going to be truly potty trained before we know it! Hopefully before Little Lumsden #2 arrives. :)

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TB said...

all on her time! :)
go belle go!