Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Well, to begin with, we were in Michigan last week for a much needed vacation.  I spent the first half of the week in Cadillac and the second half of the week in Alpena.  Nick headed over to Alpena Sunday to spend some time at the lake with his family while the weather was still nice - it was beautiful all week, by the way.  One little shower, during the first baby shower, and that's it.  Sunny skies and high 70's, low 80's the rest of the week.  It was great! :)  Since Nick went to Alpena early, I forgot to have him do a belly shot last week.  I also forgot last night because I was so tired from traveling and not feeling too well, that I fell asleep about 6:30.  So, long story short, here is this weeks photo - 28 weeks and 1 day... Time is cruising by and the belly is growing like crazy.  I got a foot to the ribs a couple times today.  That was a first and really weird feeling.  I was trying to bend over and found that there was something stopping me from doing so... namely, a little foot... speaking of which... there it goes again.  Apparently, this little one does not like me bending over while typing.  I'm going to have to improve my posture greatly over the next couple months!!

While home, we did baby showers in both Cadillac and Alpena.  It was great to see everyone!! :)  We got TONS of stuff.  Most of it we had to leave home to be shipped out hauled out later.  I did get lots of clothes home.  Here are some of my favorite things that we got and I was able to get home.  I know it's hard to see, but you just can't help but love the little hat knitted by Grandma Lumsden and the John Deer socks from Uncle Adam and Aunt Mandy!!  How cute! :)  We also got all the bedding and curtains for our nursery, so I have put up curtains in one window, but need to get more rods for the other window.  Hopefully this weekend we will get to Babies-R-Us to pick up the crib and mattress and get this place looking like a nursery!!!  I'm starting to panic a little not having anything put together with only 12 more weeks to go!!! I know it sounds like a long time, but somehow we managed to fly to 28 weeks in what seemed like 5 weeks... sooooo.....  if we keep up with that schedule, we will be at 40 weeks about next week... so I better get cracking!!!

On a not so happy note, we got a call from my mom Sunday while we were driving back to the airport that my grandpa was in the hospital and they think he had a stroke.  The doctors thought he might only have a couple days to a week to live.  However, we got another call about 20 minutes later letting us know that he passed away.  :(  So, I will be making a VERY short trip back home again for the funeral on Thursday afternoon...

Other than that, not much new to report.  Back to work today for a nice, quiet day, since everyone else was still out for their long weekend after working the previous weekend to meet a deadline.  But all shall be back to normal craziness tomorrow morning!

Oh yeah - we picked the dogs up from daycare Sunday evening... they have both been sleeping pretty much the entire time since we brought them home... ahhhh... how I love vacations! :)

And another thing... I had a doctors appointment today and have only gained 2 lbs this month!!! So, she couldn't yell at me this time!! Yea for me!

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