Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is it?!!?

Well, I had my doctor's appointment today and all is going well.  I finally asked what the heartbeat is because they haven't been telling me (and I haven't been asking because I don't want to know what we are having).  Well, I finally broke down and asked and she said it has been consistently in the low 130's, which she says is consistent with a boy... So, my intuition could be completely wrong and the fact that I have been so convinced that this child is going to be a little girl could be a sign that it's going to be a boy.  One of Nick's co-workers said the only for sure "test" (like hanging the ring over the belly, etc) to figure out what you are having is whatever the mother thinks it is, it's the opposite!! So he could be right!!! Who knows??? Amy was convinced her baby was going to be a boy and they found out last week it's a girl... Sooo... I guess now I need to really start looking at boy names!! So far, I've only made it to the "G" names and haven't found any that I'm just in love with... But I guess the only way to know for sure is to see how it comes out!!! :)

Just thought I'd share! :)


Amy said...

You are so funny! The heartbeat thing was never a good indicator for my two kids - they were very variable appointment to appointment... Also - I have to agree with your co-workers test - when I was pregnant with Olivia, I was convinced she was a boy and with Jonah - I thought he would be a girl... So get your two names ready - the surprise will be so awesome!!! :)

Erin Sylvester said...

Cam's heartbeat was always between 140 and 160. And from the very beginning I felt it was a boy and voila! A boy it is!!

Amy Starkey said...

i tell you what...little kaylen's heartbeat is consistantly in the high 150's to low 160's and i was convinced she was a boy...now the ultrasound may be wrong but i don't think it is as it was definitely not a turtle that i saw...anyway, i think you are gonna have a little boy...i think nick is right...thunder it is!!! :)