Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, I forgot to post this weeks' belly photo.  Whoops! Here is the 25 week photo, now that we are only a day away from 26 weeks... hehe!! :)  The belly is growing like crazy and the doc says that mama needs to control her weight gain... again... oops!! :)  So, I've been really trying to eat healthy and not eat out so much.  But I've been doing that for quite some time now and it's apparently not helping.  I guess your body will do what it wants to do!

Things are going good.  We are staying busy.  Did a little relaxing yesterday.  Got a good nap in. :)  ahhhh - much needed. :)  We took the dogs to the vet yesterday for more shots and Elwood had to get his nails trimmed.  The poor guy is crazy and we have to sedate him now to get his nails done... so we gave him a sedative yesterday before we went to the vet and the poor guy was knocked out ALL day... It was actually quite nice (for us).  Jake ran himself ragged at the park before we went to the doc too, so he slept most of the day as well.  I am so glad that we only have one more round of shots for the rest of this year... these crazy dogs are costing me a fortune!! So, we go on vacation at the end of next week and after that, one more round of shots, then a month later, he gets "the snip" and we are done for the year!!! Whew!!! :)

Last weekend Amy, Amanda, Beth and I had a nice relaxing girls weekend in Pensacola at Amanda's condo.  It was so nice!!! We sat in the pool and relaxed all weekend... We got pretty toasty while we were at it, but it's all good.  I'm pretty sure that's the only sun I've gotten since we were in the Dominican.  God - I really miss having lakes around!!!  I'm not much of a salt water, ocean girl, so I haven't been swimming since we moved here, except the couple times we used the pool at our old apartment.  However, we get to go home next Friday and get to spend the whole week there and you can bet I will be spending LOTS of time at both Day Hoff Lake and Lake Avalon!!! I can't wait!!! :)  Yea for fresh water!!!!!!!!!!  (We Michiganders are so spoiled and we don't even know it!!!)

Well, I don't really have much else to post.  Nick and I are going to head into DC and hit a couple museum's today and then, if we get home relatively early, I am going to start working on my baby quilt.  I meant to do that yesterday, but then I just didn't feel like it! :)

So, that's it for now.  I'm out!! Hope everyone had a good weekend! :)

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Amy said...

You are so cute! And really popped out now!

I gained more than I was supposed to with both kids - 42 lbs with Olivia and 60 something with Jonah and they both were easy labors and deliveries... I tried not to gain so much but it just happened. Now I'm down to about 15 lbs less than what I was when I first got pregnant with Liv so it doesn't have to be forever... I think there is only so much you can control with weight gain during pregnancy, so don't stress too much about it - just enjoy it! :)