Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Day

So, I think I felt the baby move yesterday... But I'm not sure... Nick says it was just the tacos!! :)  I guess I will eventually feel it consistently and then I'll know!

I got all the baby clothes that were mine, Nick's and JJ's when we were babies washed and put away.  They are so tiny!! I can't believe any of us were ever that small!  It's so crazy.  Well, okay, Nick was never really that small - being the 10 pounder that he was!!  All I have to say is that this baby better get it's size from me, not him!!! I'm not sure I could handle a 10 lb baby!

The dogs are wild and crazy and the parents are exhausted.  That's all there is to update today! :)

Enjoy your Independence Day Weekend!! :)

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