Monday, July 14, 2008

There's an alien in there!

Well, as promised, here is the 21 week photo.  I think there's an alien in there! :)  It just keeps growing and growing!! The doctor told me today that I better try to control my weight gain or I'm going to be in all sorts of pain, but that she wasn't going to yell at me because I didn't gain anything the first 3 months... So I'm thinking 6 lbs in one month - not too shabby... overall I'm only up 8, so I guess that's good... Now I just have to convince Nick to quit bringing home that chocolate cake so I won't be so tempted by it!!! Because we all know I'm far too lazy to make my own chocolate cake when I'm craving it! :)  I just stick with pudding - it provides a much quicker satisfaction.
Anyway, it was another long day at work.  I've been home for a whole hour now and am posting this from the bed.  So I'm about to kick the dog off the bed and get some shut eye.  P.S.  Anyone else ever have a dog that eats their own poo??? My little one just keeps recycling it and it really grosses me out... ugh.

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Jenn's Adventure said...

My dog likes to eat cat poop when I go to my mom's, but she's never eaten her own. That is kind of odd! (c: You look good lady, sounds like you are enjoying most of the aspects of being prego, can't believe you are half way done I guess time flies, huh?
Take care! Love Jenn