Sunday, July 6, 2008

End of the Weekend

Well, it's the end of our "long" weekend.  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!  Nick and I did some relaxing and a little bit of cleaning.  We had some friends over Saturday night to play Xbox with Nick.  Oh - did I mention that I have beautiful pink Xbox controller??? :)  Poor Ben had to play with the pink remote!! He loved it! haha!!!

Not much new to report though.  Jake went to the doctor for his shots and a new puppy check up Saturday morning.  He managed to get sick in the car both on the way there AND on the way back, which was lovely.  I'm glad I have a carpet protector in there!!! Those crazy dogs manage to get stuff everywhere!  But those shots gave us a nice easy day - the little guy was passed out pretty much all day!  Ahhhh... relaxation! :)

Well, that's all for me.  Tomorrow begins our 20th week of this pregnancy!!  I can't believe we are already (almost) halfway there!  I will post new belly shots tomorrow or the next day.  I don't think much has changed, but I will post them just the same! :)

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