Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Half Way There!!!

We have made it half way!!! I can't believe it!! Here is a photo from yesterday (20 weeks).  Monday's are the start of our new week, so you got it exactly half-way - a day late! :)  I feel like I'm growing exponentially now.  Sleeping is getting tougher as this belly grows.  I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it in a couple months!  Other than that, everything is going well.  Eating normally and only minor heartburn, so I'm happy!

I finished my diaper bag this weekend.  I attached a picture of it because it's so darn cute (if I do say so myself!).  haha!  I haven't had much time to make anything else, just a couple burp cloths.  I have two little monsters that think it's awesome to grab my fabric and run, while I'm trying to work on things, so it makes sewing a little difficult, but I will eventually get things done!
 Oh!!! And how could I forget!! Little one has been moving around like crazy! Now that I've finally been able to distinguish the difference between baby movement and gas (no - not me!!!) and other things, it's been pretty cool!  Mostly it just moves at night and after dinner, but I can feel it a little other random times throughout the day.  It's a really cool fluttering feeling! :)  I can't wait until it gets a little bigger and I can really feel it!  But mostly, I can't wait for it to be big enough for Nick to feel it!! Right now he just thinks it's gas when I tell him it's moving... But what does he know??? Boys... I tell you what... :)
Well, I think that's about all that's new for now.  Same old thing, different day! :)


Amy Starkey said...

look at you little lady. i love the belly!! and i love the diaper bag. it's super cute. i started to make the baby blocks in that book last night. i have most of the stuff cut out, now i just have to sew it all together, yikes! we'll see how they turn out, but so far pretty easy, just not sure about sewing the blocks together the whole way, i'm not good at that stuff! but you did an awesome job. can't wait to see you in like a month!!! you guys are still coming down, right?!?

Erin Sylvester said...

The movement is so great isnt it Jen? Keith loves to feel him kick around. And if you hadn't already stated that you are too busy I would be BEGGING you to make me a bag just like that!! It is just too cute!! I hit 27 weeks today. It feels like its going by so fast but at the same time, taking forever! Especially when I am stuck in bed all the time. LOL

Amy said...

Awesome diaper bag - you are so crafty! I wish you would've posted that about 2 days earlier though, so I wouldn't have just sent you mine in the UPS package... Oh well - now you have a spare!

Take care of that belly!