Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Maybe not...

So I had a doctors appointment this morning and they checked everything out and I am not dilated at all.  So, maybe there won't be a baby this week... She said she expects to see me at my appointment next Tuesday... So who knows.

I am finally done working though, so I got home a little early yesterday and was able to call (finally) on some pediatricians.  I have appointments scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday, so I'm hoping, at the very least, this baby waits until Thursday night.  Nick says Friday afternoon would be better (then he could get out of work early on Friday and take time off next week and have a nice long week).  :)  But it's looking like it might be next week anyway!  I hope it doesn't wait until Thanksgiving though!  I really don't want to miss out on Thanksgiving dinner because I'm in the hospital!!! But I guess if that's what's meant to be, that's what's meant to be!

Anyway, I did do a belly pic last night, but then I put the camera in Nick's hospital bag, so I probably won't get around to posting that one unless I feel like going and getting the camera out... :)

But for now, I'm going to go take a nap because I can!!  Yes!!!!!


Amy Starkey said...

i am so incredibly jealous that you are at home and taking a nap and i am here at work...blah!

Amy Starkey said...

i know you haven't posted yet, but congratulations on your new little girl! i'm sooooooo happy for you all! i cannot wait to meet her. kaylen is going to have a little playmate! woohoo!!! congrats again! love nate and amy