Wednesday, November 12, 2008

12 days... and counting!

I can't believe it, but we only have 12 more days until the expected arrival of our Little One!!!  And here's the 38 week picture.  It appears that the belly is "dropping" so that's a good sign.  I had an appointment yesterday and everything was still going good.  The little one was positioned correctly yesterday, but today, I think he/she has flipped around again and has been poking his little butt out my right side and her little head out the left! :)  (Like how I use the he and she interchangeably??)  Oh and by the way, we are up in the air with names again... Thought we were set, but not now!!  Who would ever have thought that naming a baby would be so hard?!?!!  Nick and I can't seem to agree on anything.  He likes all these old crazy names and I like all the new, popular type names...  It's not going well!! But hopefully when she arrives, a name will  fit her instead of the other way around! :)  But I guess they won't let us leave the hospital without a name, so we'll HAVE to come up with one before then! :)

Anyway, things are going good still.  I'm not really sure if I've been having contractions or not.  They said it would feel like menstral cramps and sometimes it feels like that, but mostly I think it's just gas because it doesn't hurt (and you hear all those horror stories about the pain of contractions) so I'm thinking it's not really contractions, but what do I know??  My grandma swore by the full moon on this whole baby thing and the full moon happens to be..... TOMORROW!!!!!  I am still behind the curve on this baby thing though... I still haven't looked for/found a pediatrician which is kind of essential.  Hopefully Little Lumsden will wait until at least next week to arrive so I can have some time to do those things while I'm off... Hopefully I'll be off next week and relaxing - we'll see how it goes! :)

My dogs are egging each other on.  Jake is such a little instigator and he likes to bite and pick on Elwood.  Elwood has him pinned to the back of the couch right now.  It's pretty funny.  They keep me entertained! :)

Well, that's it for me!!!  Going to go get some ice cream and finish watching Bones! :)  I'm out!

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Jenn's Adventure said...

Hietikko! I'm excited for your baby to come! Enjoy the last couple weeks and can't wait to see pics. Good luck.