Sunday, November 16, 2008

I guess it has begun...

So, I know this is probably way more information than you want to know, but, I guess this whole labor process has begun since I passed my mucus plug this morning... So, I guess there's a good chance there could be a new addition to our family this week sometime! :)  But the book from our class says this is the "prelude to labor" and happens 1 to 7 days before true labor begins... So, it's looking like I won't have to give away my "baby's first thanksgiving" outfit that I bought!!! :)  Yea!!!

Anyway, we are going to go get some lunch.  I finished the nursery yesterday too, so I'll post pictures of that later today. :)  bye bye


Amy Starkey said...

yeah!!!! you better call or text me when you start labor...i cannot wait for little lumsden to joing this world... :)

Amy said...

I can't wait to hear the name and if the baby is a girl or boy!

Just remember to remain calm and do the breathing - it really does work like they told you in class... Trust me!