Thursday, February 19, 2009

what a week

well, quick post here... we've had a busy week. i went back to work this week which was probably one of the hardest things i've ever had to do, but luckily, belle stayed with grandma the first day and half of the second day (more explanation later) so it made it much easier for me. i only cried on the way to work on monday and as soon as i got there, i was pulled into meetings for half the day, then loaded up with work so i didn't have time to think too much about missing my baby, which was a good thing or i would have been a complete wreck. tuesday went smoothly, wednesday, i about had a meltdown mid-day, thursday was good... the hardest part is getting home with her so late in the evening and only having and hour or two with her before she goes to bed (and really, she falls asleep as soon as she's back in mommy's arms, so i don't get much awake time, but i hold her until it's time for bed). we are still working on getting our routine down and once we do, we'll be getting home earlier (the goal is to be to work by 7 so we can leave by 3:30 or 4 and home by 4 or 4:30... so far, we've been getting to work about 8 or 8:15 and home by about 5:30ish... so, we have some work to do, which means i need to go to bed 11 minutes ago!

on the up side of things (and i know i said i wouldn't talk about sleeping habits anymore, but this is big news!) belle slept through the night for the first time last night!!! she was zonked out at 7:30 and i had to wake her up at 6:30 this morning. she is doing great at daycare. they love her and she talks to everyone all the time (nick says she has grandma's gift of gab...) she has caught her first cold from daycare after a whole day and a half... she was a bit stuffy last night and quite stuffy today, so we keep sucking all the snot out and trying to keep her comfy...

bad side of things, i have an infection in my breast from a clogged milk duct (i know - too much information for most of you, but who cares??) so i am now on some antibiotics to hopefully get rid of the huge lump and redness and soreness that goes along with an infection... i'll bet most of you didn't even know you could get an infection in your breast, did you??? that's right... boob infection! ha!

well, we were doing okay the beginning of the week with gloria here. she's a machine and got clothes folded and dishes done and dinner made all while watching belle during the day, which, i have to say, is more that i was ever able to accomplish during the day!!! we need her back!!!

well, anyway, i'm off to bed so i can get up at 5:30 tomorrow... yuck. thank god it's going to be friday!!! :)

and i will leave you with a couple new pictures...

mommy and belle after her bath

playing on the floor with elwood the protectorsitting like a big girl in daddy's chairtipping over in daddy's chair

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mom said...

I love the new specs Jen.
Belle is such a cute little chubnick!! She is growing so fast!!

Love and miss you all!