Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ouch ouch ouch

soooooooo..... remember that sore boob??? yeah... well, the antibiotics weren't helping at all, so i called the doctor back yesterday and they got me in today and i went in today and turns out, this clogged milk duct has become an abscess and doc sent me to ER to get it drained... let me tell you one thing... needles, knives, scissors, gauze, etc in your boob = NOT FUN!!!!! And on that note, i can't breastfeed on that side for 4 days and am off work for the next 3 days... ugh... a week and two days back and i'm off for 3 more... normally i would say "awesome! no work!" but since i now have an infant and will likely have to take a lot of time off for her when she's sick and stuff, taking 3 of my 5 sick days for the year right away is kind of a bad thing... but let's just hope it all works out somehow. anyway, so i'm sort of in pain right now... i have this open wound with some stuff packed in it to help it keep draining and i have to go back to the doctor thursday to see if it's ready to have the packing taken out and we'll go from there... i'll keep you posted!

gosh - i can honestly say, pre-baby, i would never have shared this information with people... post-baby, i really don't care who knows what anymore!!! funny how not private things are after babies!!!!

anyway, i'm going to get some rest... night.


Amy Starkey said...

oh, you poor girl. that sounds miserable. i hope it starts feeling better soon. i'll be thinking about you.

Teresa said...

I hope you are feeling better Jen!