Wednesday, September 21, 2011

34 and 4

Yesterday began months 34 and 4 for our little ones. The day came with a nasty cough and fever for Belle, but a pretty good day for George. We spend almost 3 hours at the doctor awaiting our sick and well visits. Belle's cough and fever are not strep, as we thought it might be since it is going around at daycare. Her left ear was "questionable" (as Dr. Sue put it) so she is on another round of antibiotics for that and her enormous tonsils. The girl has the largest tonsils I have ever seen (and every doctor comments on it and runs strep tests everytime we go in because they are so huge all the time) but no strep! However, Doc said there's a chance it could be tonsilitis - another reason for the antibiotics. Hopefully everything clears up soon. She is still 39 pounds! One pound from officially having to move to the new booster seat we picked up last weekend.
She did not want to let me take her picture here, so I just had to snap one quickly when I managed to get her to look up...

Georgie boy is doing great! Healthy as can be! He is growing like a weed (still) and will be starting solid foods in the next couple days (probably this weekend). At four months, our little man weighed in at 19 pounds even and measured 26 1/2 inches long, dwarfing big sister at this age (who was 16 lbs 15 oz and 25 inches long). :)
Happy boy, sitting very well with support!

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