Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another month

Today, George is five months old. He is 21 pounds, 7 ounces - a VERY big boy! Today he had two shots and didn't make a peep! He's tough like his sister! His first ear infection (discovered last week) is cleared up. He did great on the anti-biotics, even if I DID screw up and only give them to him once a day when he was supposed to get it twice... :)
 Today, Isabelle is 35 months old! She is 40.5 pounds - also a very big girl! Next month, she will be three years old... I am not sure how that happened. Note: To everyone who said "it will fly by," you were right! No need to rub it in... Belle got a flu shot today. She went first (because I didn't want her to get scared when George started crying after his shots) and she did awesome! She didn't make a peep either! However, she did hide her head in my chest and the nurse said, "I'm so sorry! Did I hurt your feelings?" and she nodded "yes". Since she was so brave and SUCH a big girl, she got a lollipop, a balloon, AND... wait for it... a BAND AID! That was the highlight of her trip... The band-aid. I love this girl!

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