Monday, July 26, 2010

Funny Farm News

Some of you have been seeing the posts on Facebook about all the sick kids and wondering what is going on... Well, apparently a little bit of land is just a little too much for these crazy kids!

To start off the weekend, Friday, I took Belle and myself to the urgent care clinic (since I haven't yet had time to find new doctors for us) because I have had this sore throat that just won't stop and Belle had started pulling on her ear again (even though she had just finished antibiotics for an ear infection the previous week). Well, we waited and waited and waited and two hours later (apparently not so urgent), the doc saw us for about 3 minutes and then we waited in the room for another 30 minutes for the nurse to check us out. Turns out, Belle still has an ear infection, so she's back on a new kind of antibiotics for 5 days. And apparently the cure for a sore throat that has lasted 4 weeks is "plenty of fluids and rest". Really, Doc??? You think so?? THAT'S going to happen... anyway, Belle is doing much better now; one more day of antibiotics! And today she came home with another bite on her arm - she got one on her second to last day at the old daycare too... she must just bring the biters out of the woodwork! I sure hope she doesn't turn into one because of all the bites she's getting!

I told you about Elwood's little thunderstorm incident last week, but Thursday evening, I was chasing him down prying his mouth open to retreive the trash he had stolen from the bathroom and discovered that he had managed to break a bunch of his teeth while being the doofus that he is... Jake had a vet appointment Saturday for his annual vaccinations, so I called to schedule Elwood at the same time (and since we had been our new house all of 4 days at that point, I have not had time to find another vet), so I just took them to our normal vet in Annapolis (not a 40 minute drive, going 15 mph over the speed limit all the way). The vet examines Elwoods mouth and makes a referral to the doggie dentist and says he'll probably need a root canal or extraction (which I already knew from doing my research the night before), so Elwood is put on antibiotics and pain killers for 2 weeks until I can get him in to the doggie dentist. So, we get home and a couple hours later, Jake starts limping around. I checked his leg to see if it was sore maybe where they gave him his shot, but I wasn't sure WHERE they gave him his shot because they took him out of the room to do it (which is normal at this place and that's cool by me). I called to ask them where he got his shots, but apparently he didn't actually GET any shots... just got the boardatella vaccine (which is a vaccine they just shoot up their noses) and they took blood. So, I just keep an eye on it and see what's up... Sunday, he won't put any pressure on it and now his foot is all red and swollen. I iced it a couple times, but figured it wasn't an EMERGENCY and didn't really feel like paying Sunday Emergency care fees, so I called today and took him in this evening after work... Back to Annapolis we go! So the doc takes some x-rays and didn't find any broken bones, but we DID get to see the interesting x-ray of his two-toed foot! (Our little Jacob Two-Toes now has a very swollen one toe... poor guy!) But she DID see a puncture on the pad of his foot that Nick and I couldn't see. So, she put HIM on antibiotics and anti-inflamatory meds for 2 weeks...

That makes 3 "kids" on antibiotics and Elwood is going to the doggie dentist on Wednesday...

And that, my friends, is today's news from the Funny Farm.

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