Sunday, August 1, 2010

New House

I have a few more pictures to post... Since some of you are not wanting to wait for the next 6 months as we finish things up... So here are some pics of the house - some before and some after. We will be repainting all rooms and replacing the lovely green carpet of the master room eventually, but given the dog expenses of the last week, some things are now on hold for a few months... thank goodness we had some extra money saved up for emergencies!!!

This is all I have for now... I'll have to get some of the sunroom, living room and dining room for you later... and "after" pics of the family room... My blog is screwed up right now so I cannot see the preview of the photos to label them for you... You'll just have to use your imagination! :)

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TB said...

wow!!! :) congrats!