Wednesday, July 21, 2010

House Drama

Well, we are finally moved in!!! I hoe you aren't looking for pictures here, because you aren't going to get any yet! We had a very trying day yesterday... Here is our drama for the day...

We both took the day off because we had so much that we had to do. So, the cleaning lady came at 8:30 and brought her 22 year old daughter to help her out (which was great! Should move faster then!). Well, they didn’t really clean anything out… they vacuumed all the cupboards and everything instead of wiping them out… I don’t think they scrubbed the toilets or showers or anything (I wasn’t really WATCHING them because I had a million other things to do), but when I was putting my dishes away last night, the cupboards were still all dusty and nasty. When I gave Belle a bath, there was still fuzz and dust in the tub, so I just did a really quick wipe down with a wash cloth (because 1. she was already naked and ready for her bath and 2. I don’t know where my damn cleaning supplies are yet)… So… that cleaning lady = FAIL!!!!

The pool guy was scheduled to come at 8am – he actually showed up a couple minutes early and we weren’t back from dropping Belle off yet, but he just went back and did his thing, which was AWESOME! BUT the pool cover has a bunch of water and algae and tadpoles on it so he had to pump that off so he put the pump on the cover and let it run and the water level was low, so he put the hose in to get that going… so he came back about 2:00 and there was still a bunch of water on the cover and the water level hadn’t gone up much at all… Then he realized there was a hole in the cover, so all the water we were putting in was being pumped out… So we filled it to where it needed to be and they are coming back today to pull the cover off, clean it, patch it and clean the pool. So HOPEFULLY we have a working pool today!!! Right now, there are a million tadpoles in the water and a pile of critter bones on the second step. Pool guy = A-/B+ for taking charge, finding problem and coming back to fix it.

The Direct TV guy was scheduled 8-12. Noon comes and no Direct TV guy. So, Nick calls and he says “I’m running late, I’ll be there around 3:00.” Mind you – we still have 2-3 loads of stuff that needs to be picked up from the old house 40 MINUTES AWAY! So, it’s not like we can just run there really quickly and get a load and bring it back… So anyway, the cleaning lady finishes around 3:00 and Nick calls the Direct TV guy back and gets no answer. So he calls back every half hour or so and finally gets through at 5:30 and the guy says he’ll be there in 30 minutes… So he finally shows up at 6pm (10 hours late!!!!) and is there until 11:30 PM!!!!!!! And THEN he starts fishing around looking for a tip because it’s so late… yeah… I don’t think so dude. You show up 10 HOURS late and you get NOTHING!!!! And he kept us up several hours past what we wanted to be up to and on top of that, because we were waiting for that guy, we couldn’t go get the rest of our stuff at the old house, which is being cleaned today and now we are going to have to make multiple trips tonight because they are putting new carpet in tomorrow!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Oh, and the best part?? The guy didn’t even finish!!! He didn’t even get the cable run to the living room! He spent 3 hours putting the damn satellite on the roof and 2 hours trying to figure out how to get the cable into the crawlspace!!!!! Direct TV Guy = FAIL!!!

BUT we are all happy at the new place. Belle is definitely happier! She loves running outside with the dogs and running through the house and finding all the new stuff and hiding on me. J The really surprising thing is that both nick and I completely underestimated this space. We both thought it was so much smaller than it is and as we look at it, we are going “Oh my goodness! These rooms are HUGE!” and the pool especially… we both thought it was pretty small… but it’s really quite large!

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TB said...

no good on the fails!!! :-(
yay for bigger space than thought! :)