Monday, June 21, 2010


Yes, I realize it is time for some photo updates and just some updates in general that don't include me spending money!!! So, here goes: things are moving along on the house. We had inspections done last week and are just waiting on the results from the water tests. Everything else came back pretty good. There are a few things here and there that we will have to address, but since the sellers were so generous in accepting ALL of our offer, we are not going to knit-pick these things and ask them to do more. As long as the water tests come back fine and the fuel tank is removed, we will be satisfied. We are definitely looking forward to having more space, a lot of yard and a POOL since it has been sweltering the past couple weeks! We are scheduled to close on July 15 and I have started packing, but am finding space to put all the boxes... Have I mentioned before that we currently have a space issue???
Work for me has been not so good. We had another round of layoffs last week, including a couple very great friends. It's still pretty hard to take when these things happen... Especially tough when the people let go are so smart and, I feel like, such an asset to the team. There are some other people that could have been let go (and in my opinion - should - have been let go) and it wouldn't have hurt the team at all - either emotionally or professionally by removing the talent that they provide. I'm just hoping that these things do not go unnoticed by management and that I can contain myself and not do something to get myself on the next list, which I'm sure will be coming in the next couple weeks...
Our little Isabelle is just such a crack-up these days. She is talking up a storm and repeating everything. And I mean everything you say. Including "Oh Shit!" when I dropped something... And "geez!" when I was exasperated about something. And "poop!" when asked if she has pooped. She's a ham and a half and I just love her! I am supposed to start looking for a new daycare for her, but I am so torn about the whole situation that I just haven't done it yet... I don't know how she'll handle the move and being taken from the friends that she has been with every day for the past year and a half. She knows, loves and trusts them and I am sad to have to take her away from them. I am sad to have to take her away from her teacher(s) right now too. She is learning so much with Ms. Erin and she just adores her! This girl (she is probably in her mid 20's) is so great with Belle and so responsible and caring. Today, Belle spilled some of her lunch on her outfit, so instead of just letting her sit in it (like the old teacher would have), Ms. Erin changed her clothes and washed the dirty outfit. THEN she sent home a note that said "She had a bib on, but got food on her clothes. I washed it, but I couldn't get the stain out." How sweet is that? I am really going to miss her and some of the other teachers that we have grown to love too. I am sure we will be happy with the new place too (because I won't take my daughter someplace I am not happy with), but I am going to need some pointers on making this transition...
New to Isabelle's summer program at school is water time. Once a week, they do some water activities to help get the kids used to it. Well, the first day, I was a little concerned because I got a note home that said "Isabelle was acting very shy when she got her bathing suit on and didn't want to come out of the bathroom." Well, I had just bought that particular bathing suit, and while it is a 3T (a size larger than the clothing she is wearing right now), I hadn't tried it on her to see if it would fit or not... So, I kept thinking about this note and decided I would try the bathing suit on to 1. see how she reacted and 2. see how it fit... Well, the suit fit fine - like a bathing suit should - a little snug (don't want a baggy suit). She had a fit!!! She hated it and kept pulling it and saying "Off! Off!" So I took it off... Well, I happened to have a few more suits that I wanted to try... Another 1 piece from last year (size 2T). Same reaction. She had a 2 piece suit from last year that I was pretty sure wouldn't fit, but thought I'd give it a whirl - it was really short on the top (belly showing completely) and the bottoms totally did not fit - BUT she didn't mind it at all! So, finally I tried on a 1 piece suit that Grandma got her (size 4T) and it was baggy, but it didn't bother her one bit. So, my conclusion from the whole bathing suit blitz - Isabelle does not like clothing that feels tight around her tummy. So, I might have to get some larger sizes if she doesn't get used to the ones that actually fit soon!
And I finally some pictures!
Here is the first bathing suit that she was having issues with. It was too cute not to take a picture!
Eating crackers on the (I'm sure not-so-clean) floor and saying "cheese!" for the camera
Giving me her "What the hell do you want?!" look...
Beautiful baby blues
Can't get enough of this girl and those eyes!
New favorite game - hiding under the table! I think the "fort" stage is beginning! I can't wait!
Sitting in one princess chair and eating off the other...

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TB said...

That "what the hell look" is such a JEN look :):) Great pictures!

If you need transition pointers, let me know! We moved back to MI when Luke was 1 and Jack was almost 3 and they had to change daycares.... :)

Love ya!