Sunday, June 6, 2010

Diapers Galore

Okay... So - I went to CVS Thursday because I heard that they had diapers on clearance... And they did - I got 4 packs of size 5 diapers for $2.37 each!!! Well, then I thought it through and decided I should go back and get a bunch of these in smaller sizes for the next baby... Well, I went back Friday and they were no longer marked down! :( Bummer deal!!! Well, today I had to go do my weekly CVS'ing, so I price checked the diapers at my normal store - and they had them marked down again! But only in sizes 4 and 5 and they only had 1 pack of these left... Well, they had larger packs marked down to $6.99 which was still half price and I needed to spend $10 more to get my $10 off $50 purchase coupon. So I picked up a couple packs of these diapers... Later in the day, I had to go to Annapolis to do my Target'ing and thought I would swing by CVS there and I checked their diapers... And I found the larger packs that I had just paid $6.99 for at my normal store were $3.49!!! $3.49!! For 46 diapers! However, these were only for the size 5... So, I bought ALL 7 packs that they had and then I found refill packs of wipes for $1.44-$3.69! So I bought all those too... :) And then I needed another $8 for my $10 off $50 coupon so I grabbed a pack of pampers swaddlers newborn that were on sale and I had a coupon for them... So this is what my two CVS trips looked like today:

1- Johnson and Johnson baby bubble bath

1- Johnson and Johnson 20 oz shampoo

2- 30ct Lactaid pills

1- John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo

1- John Frieda Root Awakening Conditioner

2- Colgate toothpaste

1- 34ct pack CVS brand size 4 diapers

9- 46ct pack CVS brand size 5 diapers

1- 34ct pack Pampers Swaddlers Newborn diapers

4- 216ct CVS brand wipes

2- 144 ct CVS brand wipes

Total spent: $56.23

Total saved: $188.08

AND they overcharged me by $2.49 for my shampoo so I will have to go get my money back! :)

The loot and receipt from my second trip...

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