Monday, March 8, 2010

So smart!!!!

My little Belle is just getting so smart!!! I can't believe how much she is learning right now! Saturday, she figured out where her belly button is at and she shows you everytime you ask. And sometimes, she can't find it, because it's hidden under a diaper and clothing, but she just keeps digging and searching for it until she finds it and she is so proud when she finds it to show you!

Yesterday, she and I went for a walk around the block and she kept pointing at the trees and saying "tree". She gathered a couple pine cones to eat - I mean - to show to Daddy. She LOVED being outside! I'm so glad it's getting nicer out so we can go out and play!

Tonight, while getting her PJ's on, I asked her where her belly button was and she promptly showed me. Then I asked where her head was and she patted the sides of her head. Then I asked where her feet where and she started kicking them on the changing table. Then I asked where her hands where and she started clapping them!!! She is amazing! She is so proud when she can answer you and she is just so smiley when doing stuff. I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching her grow up and learn new stuff!!!
She has also been eating on her own for a while now and I've just recently been able to give her our glass plates without having her throw them on the floor... but she loves lick them clean when she really likes what she's having!

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