Monday, March 1, 2010


...little updates...

Congrats to my cousin Fawn and her husband Ben on the birth of their daughter, Aubrie Eve Westervelt today!!! I can't wait to meet her!

Belle was sick last week. I picked her up from daycare Tuesday and she was very whiney and upset and while I was talking to my friend, she puked all over the floor. Then, as I was walking over to get some paper towel to clean it up, she puked all over me. That was the first time she has actually been sick (aside from colds, ear infections, thrush, etc.) - okay - so the first time she has puked all over the place since she was a baby spitting up from formula! So, we got home and I tried to give her some soup and crackers to try to calm her little belly... and BLAH! all over... The poor little girl was not feeling well, but luckily she only threw up one more time and had one serious blowout that ended in a 1am hose down in the bathtub which completely broke my heart because she was so tired and not feeling well and was just shaking and crying in the bath, but we got through it and we had a lot of snuggle time! So, clearly, she stayed home from daycare on Wednesday, and was feeling better. She slept most of the day, but didn't eat much at all. Thursday, I was going to send her back to daycare, but when I got her up in the morning, she was shaking so bad from being so hungry and dehydrated (pedialite is great, but only if you can get them to drink it!) So I kept her home for another day and had plenty of snuggle time and she at the WHOLE DAY!!! A lot!!! So, she was back to daycare Friday and back to her normal, silly little self!

And now - Nick has whatever she had....... so he stayed home today and got lots of rest. I really hope I don't get it!

Work is killing me... I am having the hardest time focusing the past week - and being home with my baby girl for a couple days really didn't help. All it did was make me really just want to be home with her all the time... I am just going to keep hoping for that lotto - $112M tomorrow night... COME ON LUCKY NUMBERS!!!!! :)

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