Sunday, February 7, 2010


Well, it snowed!!! And it's feeling like home now! The only difference is, there is NO WHERE to put the snow!!! There is such dense development around here and snow (especially this amount) is so unusual that they don't have to plan for snow removal areas in the design of their developments. The snow stopped and the sun came out about 5:00pm last night. Our landlady said that Crofton (where we are at) got 34"! Here's the funny thing... it was supposed to start back up again Tuesday... and they just moved it up and we are now under ANOTHER winter weather warning from about 7:00pm tonight until Wednesday evening!!! hahahaa!!! :) Here are some photos from this weekend for you. Nick, Belle and Jake playing outside
Elwood plowing his way through the snow.
Isabelle watching Elwood come charging at her.
Taken from the upstairs window last night
Down in front of our house last night
The plow truck finally came and then he got stuck in the driveway... So they brought in a bobcat, who also got stuck... It took them about 5 hours to plow a single path through the parking lot. We (okay, Nick) shoveled all the snow out from around our cars into the parking lot so that they would take it away, but as you can see, they just made a single pass and then left.
In front of our place today.
Down the sidewalk
In front of our house. For those of you who don't know... there is about a 2 1/2 foot drop off from the sides of the stairs at the door... The snow is now about 1 foot above the stairs... and the snow pile where we've been putting it all is about 6 feet high.


TB said...

WOW! Feeling like you are back at MTU yet??? :)

Life 102 said...

i'm jealous! Looks like good fun to play in. Jenn