Sunday, August 30, 2009

what a day

Belle, Kimberly and I went to the aquarium in Baltimore today. It was a nice little visit, but my back and shoulders are KILLING me!!! I bought a backpack from a friend (who I still haven't sent a check to... sorry Amy!!) for Belle, but that little girl is still really freaking heavy to carry around for 4 hours! holy smokes! It was really nice though. the aquarium wasn't anything like I expected, but it was alright. Belle was most people watching and not really fish watching, but eventually she started watching the fish... shortly before she fell asleep! :)

Now - I have to tell you - Belle decided that she was going to start pulling herself up yesterday... and today the bumps and bruises started... first - my fault - but, i was changing her diaper in the back of the car today and she turns over and starts crawling - backward. so, not wanting her to fall off the tailgate onto the concrete, i gave her bottom a little push forward. and she fell. on her face. and her new tooth on the top cut her little lip and it was bleeding... :*( the poor little hunny! I felt so bad!!! But she only cried for about 5 seconds and then was done with it. then, after the aquarium trip, I left her with daddy so i could go get the things we need for the week (diapers, baby food, etc) and when i got home, he said "she hit her head and got a bruise". so i look - yup. BIG OLD bump and bruise on her forehead. apparently, she tried to pull herself up on the end table, lost her balance and fell and hit her head on the corner... poor little chica has been having a rough day!

well, that's it for today. i need a shower and off to bed!

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