Saturday, June 6, 2009


Upgraded Isabelle to her new "big girl" carseat today! She looks so tiny in it but she seems very comfortable. The infant seat that we had is only good up to 22 lbs and as of last Wednesday, she was 19lbs 8oz. I got some coupons last week for 15% off car seats at Babies-R-Us so I went last weekend and picked up 2 of them and saved $60! Can't really beat that! Plus - I put them on our Babies-R-Us card and got 180 days no payments or interest! :) (side note - my dogs are snuggled up on the couch sleeping - Elwood with his head on Jake's butt as a pillow... it's too funny - had to comment). Anyway, I'll have to get a picture of her in her new seat and post it.

Also, I overpaid on one of my credit cards last night so I had a nice credit on it and we decided, instead of waiting for them to get around to issuing us a refund check, we would go get the new vacuum that we've been wanting because I saw it on clearance for $349 two weeks ago (from $499). So I got there today, and it was down to $249!!! So I asked someone if there were any other one in stock or if it was just the floor model and turns out, it was just the floor model left. So I asked the guy if all the parts were there and stuff. Then there was this piece sitting there and I was pretty sure it actually went with the animal hair vacuum ($549 - and not on sale), but I asked the guy if it went with this one? He said "well, I'm not sure, but I'll give it to you". ROCK ON! And then he says "oh - and because this is the floor model, you get an additional 20% off". I couldn't believe it!!! So, I ended up getting a $500 vacuum for $200 AND I got the additional pet thing for free, which is the only difference between the one I got and the pet one, so essentially, I saved another $50 on that. I was STOKED! I haven't used it yet, though. I was too tired when I got home and I just don't feel like it now! Tomorrow I will play with it though. I know how nasty these floors are - I'm just curious to see how much of the nastiness this new vacuum pulls out because our old one is really not picking anything up anymore... well, I take that back - it still picks up a disgusting amount of dirt and dog hair, but you can always still see a layer of dog hair on the floor AFTER vacuuming...

Well, anyway, I guess I should go get some rest. Nick has a softball game tomorrow. Hopefully they don't get mercied again!!! haha!!! :)

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