Saturday, June 27, 2009

First time in the Pool

We went to the pool for the first time today. :) Belle LOVED the water! I suspected she would since she loves bath time so much! She is so much her Daddy's child - a little fish in the water! She never cried or fussed (until she was ready to be done). I thought she might since the water was a little chilly, but nope! Not our little girl! She just started bouncing right away in it! I even sat her down in the water and it was up to her chest and she just splashed! What a cutie pie! Then we put her in her little race car float toy and she loved it. We took her to the big pool instead of the wading pool and she loved it! She was kicking her little feet and floating around. Then we got kicked out of the big pool because you apparently can't have diapered babies in there... so, we went back to the little pool for a while and let her play a while more until she started fussing to let me know she was done!

Here are some cute pictures from today.
This is her "tanning". (really, i just had to put her sunscreen on, so i layed her down...)
Me and Belle in the wading pool.
Super cute picture. She was splashing herself in her face.
Here is our little princess in her princess hoodie with a crown (from grandma lumsden)

Finally, a little video from right before she got fussy... she was spinning herself around in circles. :)

Oh yeah - I just wanted to tell you all that last night, I went to dinner with Julia and Belle and I got home around 9 and I got her to bed about 9:30. Well, she slept through the night AND slept in this morning - until 9:45!!!!!!! It was awesome!!! I was so rested when I got up today! :) I'm hoping for another one of those nights, but I put her down at 8 tonight, so maybe I'll at least get until 8 tomorrow morning! (One can hope!) :)

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Teresa said...

Jen--Those pictures are SUPER cute!!!! :):):) Belle looks like she had a blast!!!!! Teresa