Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sick Baby

This is my frustrated post for the week... As some of you know, our little Belle has been sick on and off since she started daycare - no big deal. Well, starting the first week of April, she got this nasty cough and runny nose and I gave it 2 weeks to run it's course, thinking it was just another cold. After 2 weeks, I decided there was probably more to it, so I took her in to the doc. Diagnosis #1 - cold (let it run it's course) and ear infection. Remedy #1 - antibiotic. After that visit, we scheduled our next visit for 3 weeks later to make sure the ear infection was taken care of. So, 3 weeks later (5 weeks now), she still has this cough and runny nose. Diagnosis #2 - allergies. Remedy #2 - benedryl as needed. So, we went to Wal-Mart and went to pick up some Benedryl, but there is no Benedryl for infants, only children. I thought "okay, let's try that". So I pick it up and read the label and it says "Do not use on children under 2 years of age". Huh? So, why would I buy that?? Clearly I was not looking at the right thing and Wal-Mart must not carry what kind the doctor wanted us to get, because obviously, my (at the time) 5 month old falls in the "under 2 category", so we didn't get it and I was just going to ask the doctor about it at her 6 month well baby visit. Two weeks later, at her well visit (7 weeks now into this cough), doc says everything is fine and isn't concerned with the cough. The next week (yup - 8 weeks), she develops what I think is thrush, so back to the doctor she goes. Diagnosis #3 - thrush and reflux. Remedy #3 - meds for the thrush, boil all bottles, nipples and pacifiers 20 minutes a day and previcet once a day for the reflux. Well, we've been giving her the reflux meds for 8 days now and the cough seems to be getting worse. I mean, this little girl is coughing so hard her little eyes are pouring and her face is turning purple. Half the time, she gags so she almost throws up and none of us are getting any sleep because the cough is worst at night, so we are up every hour or so giving a drink of water or replacing a coughed out pacifier. Well, Monday, I made a trip to CVS at 4am (thank goodness for 24 hour service!) and got some Benedryl (yes, the children's stuff that says "do not give to your infant", but the pharmacist assured me it was the right stuff, and so, in my completely exhausted state, I said "okay" and got it). Got home, gave her 1/2 teaspoon, as directed. Well, it didn't help the cough so much as just knock her out, but it gave us all some relief and we all got a couple hours of sleep. Tuesday, we gave her Benedryl all day and still the cough is going crazy. Today, back to the doctor. Diagnosis #4 - ear infection (other ear this time), possible allergies, possible cold - basically - "we have no idea why your 6 month old has been coughing like crazy for the past 9 weeks". Remedy #4 - another antibiotic for the ear infection (hopefully this one won't cause thrush - see where we're going with this?), singulair for the possible allergies and keep taking the previcet for the possible reflux (which I am convinced she doesn't have or she would likely be screaming her little head off when she spits up, which she doesn't do) and finally, chest xrays to rule out athsma and something else (Nick took her and doesn't remember what the other one is). So, we are halfway through week 9 of this nasty cough and runny nose and I have to take her to get chest xrays. I bet that's going to be fun! Still, no resolution though, which I am completely frustrated about - could also have something to do with the fact that I haven't gotten more than 4 hours of continuous sleep in more than 9 weeks (except when Howard and Gloria were here and I got a nice long nap)... Who knows... anyway, that's my rant for the day. I will keep you posted on how our little munchkin is doing. That said - I'm off to bed! (Power is about to go out anyway - lights keep flashing!)

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Teresa said...

Oh Jen. I am sincerely sorry! I can totally empathize! Jack's first year of life was HARD--we counted over 35 visits to the doctor in just the first year. Hang in there and know that your mom instinct is correct! If you feel like there is something going on, keep pushing towards getting it fixed. You are a great mom and I am sure Nick is a great dad. Hang in there friend!