Sunday, May 3, 2009

Back to the blog

Finally getting back to posting a new blog. Well, let's start with news from this weekend... Saturday, Isabelle FINALLY learned how to roll over from her stomach to her back! Then she went rolling across the floor and I CAUGHT IT ON VIDEO!!! Amazing!!! Now I REALLY have to figure out how to get these videos off of my camcorder so I can post them on here... I have so many cute ones, but I really don't know what software I need to make it happen... I will try to figure it out this week - I promise (that I'll try, not that I will figure it out). Also, the poor little babe has been having a really hard time pooping since we started her on baby food. Well, this time she was REALLY constipated and the poor little darling hadn't gone poop since Thursday morning and by Saturday night, she was in so much pain and so miserable she was just screaming her little head off. I was bawling because I didn't know what to do for her to make her feel better. I gave her prunes both Friday and Saturday and gave her lots of apple juice saturday, but it didn't seem to help. I was doing the little bicycle thing with her legs and everything and nothing was working... So, she finally fell asleep about 12:30 last night (in bed with us) and woke up screaming at 3 am and I got her back to sleep finally and she slept until about 8 am. She seemed to be feeling much better this morning (though she still hadn't pooped) and she fell asleep around 10:30 or 11 when we were grocery shopping and so when we got home, I went to bed (that second trip home killed me... i have been completely screwed up and exhausted since last week). Anyway, I woke up around 4pm (yes, a MUCH needed 4 straight hours of sleep!!!) to Nick going "WOW!!! You made a mess in there!!! Do you feel better now??" closely followed by little giggles. She FINALLY pooped!!! Thank goodness!!! I was about to take her to Night Time Pediatrics to see what they could do for her... But she got a big one out and is apparently feeling better now. And we are going to be sticking with a dose of either prunes or prune juice every day. She goes to the doc for a follow up on that ear infection Tuesday so I'll ask him what else we can do for the little munchkin so she doesn't end up like that again. I'm thinking the culprit was banana's... I thought I would give her some because it was something new... just to find out later that night that banana's constipate little babies and you're NOT supposed to give it to them... so why do they make banana baby food?!!! Hello!!! If it wasn't for the internet, I never would have known... Although I'm not 100% certain that that is the problem since I gave them to her on Wednesday and the last poop was on Thursday, but what do I know??

Anyway, nothing else new to report here... It was rainy all day today. We were supposed to do a bunch of cleaning this weekend to prepare for Happy Hour here Friday, but we got right around zero cleaning done... we did get the dishes done and the laundry - everyday things. But no vacuuming happened and no dusting and I'll tell you - this place needs a serious dose of both of those things!!! I think we need to hire a maid... Nick is going to have to get a raise so we can do that... :)

So, I know you don't really care about my ramblings, so here are the pics that you REALLY came here to see!!! :)

Oh - we did go out to dinner last night with Ben and Julia. It was very nice. That is the first time we've gone out with Belle to dinner and she did great. :)She loves her little worm. She kept rolling over on top of it today and she looked like she had a little green tail! :)
This is the "would you QUIT with that flashing already???" face... She gets that about 3 pictures in...
Me, Uncle J and Belle.
Great pic of Grandma and Grandpa Hietikko and Belle.
Sleepy baby girl... I love this dress and headband!!! Nick doesn't like the headbands, but I say, too bad, so sad! What Mommy wants, Mommy gets! :)
Double fistin' her toys! :) She keeps smacking herself in the head with that giraffe, then looking around like "why did you do that?" It's realy quite cute.
Chewing on her block. The dogs try to run off with these blocks... along with most of her other toys...And finally - eating her prunes... Elwood kept getting in the way, so Nick couldn't get a really good shot of this, but her little face was COVERED in prunes... it was too funny. :)

Well, off to bed for us sleepy parents...


Teresa said...

hang in there! i am really available to give Pooping support! Night Jen!

PS isn't it great that we have caught up again with each other :)

Jen said...

it IS great!!! Thanks for all your support on all this mommy related stuff! :)