Friday, April 3, 2009

Thank goodness this week is over!!! I am so excited to spend the weekend with my family! It's supposed to be nice out, so we are going to plant some flowers and Belle and I are going to do some shopping (for food and such... nothing fun...) but it will get us out of the house! I have a serious case of home sickness right now and it's driving me mad... I can't wait to go home next weekend to visit with the family!!! It will be a much needed weekend get-away.

We have been having a rough week in the sleeping department... Miss Belle has decided she is going to give up on getting up just once a night and she's going to start getting up 4 or 6 times a night. Nick and I are like zombies and are looking forward to this weekend to recharge a little. I don't totally know what's going on with her waking up all the time, but she's obviously not getting much rested sleep either. She has been sleeping A LOT at daycare the past couple days (which is likely contributing to the not sleeping at home, but was also brought on by the not sleeping at home... it's a vicious cycle...) Anyway, we are hoping for more rest this weekend!

So, I had been looking all over for little sun bonnets for Belle and couldn't find them anywhere... Well, I finally decided to look online and found a website that had a few, so I ordered 2 of them... They came in yesterday, so, of course, I had to take some pictures... Here you go!!! And I probably won't post again this weekend because I am going to be too busy loving up on my baby girl so until next time... enjoy!


Erin Sylvester said...

My friend has a site where she is selling really cute headbands, barrettes and tutus for little baby girls! They are super adorable and would be so cute for Belle! Check it out!


Amy Starkey said...

hope the whole sleeping thing gets better soon! get some rest this weekend. i love the sun bonnets!!! she's so gosh darn cute.