Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poor Baby

Well, I took Belle to the doctor today because I didn't like the sound of that cough that she has and it's a good thing I did too because the doc discovered an ear infection that I was totally not aware of. However, once he told me, I started thinking back and realized, that is probably why she has been so clingy the past couple days and why she's been so fussy and hard to get to sleep. The poor little munchkin has a sore ear!!! Geez Mommy!!! But we now have her on some antibiotics so hopefully she'll be feeling better soon, until then, I guess I get some extra snuggling time!!

Oh - Nick's cousin Tommy has accepted an opportunity to play baseball for Madonna University starting this fall!!! Congrats to Tom! This is especially momentus given the year he had to take off of sports to fight (and OVERCOME) cancer a few years back!!! We are so excited and proud of him! :)

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Amy said...

Her first ear infection... awhhh... Liv had one last week and now Jonah has one too - Belle should be feeling better very soon!