Friday, December 5, 2008

Tired Mama

Well, I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures.  This whole being home during the day with a baby thing is tiring!! Holy cow.  I feel like I should have so much time to get things done around the house, but every time I turn around, Belle is waking up, crying and wanting to eat and I never really seem to get anything done until Nick gets home and can watch her for a little bit.  It's crazy.  On the up side of things, we have been really quite lucky and she has been getting up only two or three times a night (knock on wood) except last night which was terrible... Belle was up from 8:00 until 2am crying and being fussy.  Every time she would fall asleep and we would put her in the bassinet and she would wake up again... finally she fell asleep at 2, just to get back up at 5 and was up until 7:30...  I was exhausted.  Then she got back up from 9:30 til 11 and finally mommy got to rest a little from 11 until 2 (catnaps between her fussing, but rest just the same... I'll take it!)  Luckily she is sleeping right now (she keeps making little squeaking and crying noises over there though).  Hopefully she'll be down for another hour or so so I can get some laundry and dishes done.

Little Isabelle got a wonderful package in the mail yesterday from Grandma and Grandpa Hietikko.  She got a beautiful little dress and red shoes and a little dolly and some adorable puppy slippers (for when she gets a little bigger).  You will see pictures of the dress and shoes as soon as I get some time to play dress up again! :)  In the meantime, here are some more pictures from this week...
This is my sleepy little girl after her bath.  I love getting her picture after the bath.  Her hair gets all fuzzy and sticky-outie and is just so darn cute. :)  I love it!  She still has lots of hair and hopefully she doesn't lose it.  Her eyelashes are so long!! She's going to be a real heartbreaker! Daddy is going to have to get a couple shotguns!! ;)

One of her favorite places to be - snuggled up with mama!! :)
Just so darn cute.  Sleeping after another bath.  I sure wasn't prepared for this bath... I did everything backwards.  Fed first, then bath then diaper... She was up for quite a while after that... I now know that you should do bath time in the following order:  Bath, diaper, food... That should put her to sleep!  We will test it tonight.
She's a little angel.  Sleeping in the warm sunshine! :)

Well, that's it for me.  Have to go get that laundry going before Nick gets home with dinner and Belle wakes up!!  Will post more later.


Amy Starkey said...

awwww! little miss isabelle is soooooo adorable. such a beautiful baby! i really really wish i could come hug and kiss on her before she grows up too much. i love it when they are so sweet. hopefully we'll get together before both our little girls get too big! try to get some rest. give belle some kisses from aunt amy!!!

Life 102 said...

She is darling guys.