Sunday, December 5, 2010

Little Angels

When we returned from Michigan last Monday, I witnessed two of the sweetest gestures from two of the smallest people on our flight... I am proud to say, one was my daughter.

When the plane landed, we were, once again, stuck on the tarmac. After about 15 minutes, a baby a few rows in front of us started crying. Belle was very concerned about the upset baby and wanted to give the baby her blanket to "make her all better". It was the sweetest thing, considering my girl never leaves home without her blankie!

After we got off the plane, we were at the luggage terminal and a little boy, no more than 3 or 4 was waiting with his grandparents and signing to the grandmother like a pro. Each time he wasn't sure she caught it all, he would repeat his signs. It was absolutely amazing to watch the interaction between the two of them. So much love with absolutely no words.

Thank God for these Little Angels!


Amy said...

So sweet - thanks for the nice stories! I love Belle's pictures on your header - she is getting so big! Beautiful braid in her hair too!

TB said...

i love those two stories! kiddos are amazing!