Sunday, November 7, 2010

Long Time Gone

Wow! It's been a tad bit since I have posted here... Quick updates that I can think of:

- 2 more teeth (waiting on one more top 2 year molar and we are done with baby teeth)
- taling like a crazy lady and getting VERY sassy!
- going to be TWO in 13 days!!!!
- obsessed with Dora the Explorer......
- refuses to sleep these days

- has basically become a single parent over the last couple months as my job has required way too much time and effort from me...
- same old same old

- pregnant
- trying to remedy nick's problem #1
- same old same old

- being little shits...
- chewing on EVERYTHING
- peeing/pooping on the stairs on at least a weekly basis

We had a fabulous Halloween in our neighborhood! Our neighborhood does a hayride down a couple roads for the kids and then the people who are not on the hayride route park in the cul-de-sac at the end of the route and let the kids "trunk-or-treat". We then went to one neighbors house who has built a train in his backyard that carries the kids (and some adults) around the track. He had it all decorated up for Halloween with a grave yard and spooky music. It was really awesome. Belle had a fabulous time with the other kids! We sure do love our community! :)

We have some wonderful friends - Ben and Julia - who came out to help us on our house this weekend. We accomplished A LOT!!! We got the living room painted, cleaned and some things moved back in. We are just waiting for our new sofa and loveseat now! We got the tile in the entryway demo'ed (is it bad that the subflooring looks better than the old flooring?) and the accent walls painted. We still have to finish up the beige color on the rest of the walls in the entryway, but we'll get to it this week and next weekend. It's really coming together! I'm thrilled about it all!! :)

That's all I've got for a super quick update right now. We will be HOME November 20-29 (yes, we will be traveling on both Belle's and Nick's birthdays, but those are the flights we could afford). We cannot wait!!! I'm so excited to see family and friends! :-)

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