Monday, May 3, 2010

CVS deals this week!

Well, I was in migraine mode again (aka - bedridden) until about 1:00 Sunday, so I didn't really have my stuff together for my Sunday Target trip... So I didn't really save much there this week (but I DID get 6 boxes of Special K Red Berries for $1.39 each!) Also didn't do THAT great at Giant - spent $57.57 and saved $23.82 - not too bad, but not that great... However, I DID do a great job at CVS today!!! Here is what I got:

  • 3 Nivea Body Wash (on sale for $4.88)
  • 1 Nivea chapstick (on sale for $3.19)
  • 2 Colgate Total ($2.99)
  • 1 double pack Reach Toothbrushes ($3.99)
  • 2 - 12 pk CVS brand AA batteries ($6.89 BOGO)
  • 2 - 100 ct Sundown Vitamin D caplets ($7.99 BOGO)
  • 2 - 60 ct Sundown Flax Oil Vitamins ($7.19 BOGO)
  • 1 milkyway (Nick's request - oh and $0.89)

Spent $13.48

Saved $71.71! (and got $11 in ECB's for next time!)

Haven't made it to RiteAid yet either, but I'm planning on getting there Wednesday and I think there are some good deals to be had there too... I am also planning another trip to Target to get some good deals on treats for the dogs and granola bars... :)


Amy Starkey said...

way to go!!!!

TB said...

tell me more (you and amy) about where you get your coupons...i get the sunday paper and clip groccery ones from there...but you guys do so awesome at the "pharmacies".... i have never shopped there before. HELP! i wanna save money!