Sunday, November 8, 2009

DC for the Day

It was such a beautiful day today, we had to get out and do something... so we decided to go to DC for the day... here are many pictures for you to enjoy... (see how I am making use of my new camera with the Panorama on it??? I L-O-V-E it!!! Perhaps I will marry it!)
Isabelle strolling on the moon with the astronauts at the air and space museum.
Poking the new camera lens and about giving daddy a heart attack for doing so...
Vietnam memorial wall... It's so surreal and amazing. If you have never had a chance to go, you really need to. People leave photos, notes, flowers, flags, etc. there all the time. It's really amazing.
Someone else who was enjoying the nice weather!
Lincoln memorial
Nick, Isabelle and Abe
Washington monument and reflecting pool
Korean memorial
Korean memorial again... this wall is amazing - some absolutely amazing art. When you are up close, you can't even see the images carved in it - it is all just granite... amazing.
World War I memorial
I believe this is the Jefferson Memorial, but we didn't go up to it, so I'm not sure...
Washington Memorial and a pond (don't know what it's called...)
Well, that's it for now. :) Enjoy!

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