Friday, November 20, 2009

Birthday Girl!!!!

Today is my baby's first birthday!!! I cannot believe that a year has already passed... I can't help but relive the whole experience one year ago and I miss it a little... I miss the whole experience of a brand new baby in my arms and who liked to snuggle... My little lady is growing into her own independent little self and is not so much into snuggling anymore and I just miss it! But, it's so much fun watching all the new stuff!!!! Belle is walking more and more each day and is starting to say words now... She said "no" for the first time at daycare yesterday. I think it's really quite hilarious! I'm sure I won't be saying the same thing in a couple months when she is saying no to everything!!!

Well, enough of the reminiscing... here are some pictures from today. I left work a little early to go to have a little party at daycare. Trevor's birthday is tomorrow, so we wanted to do a little party for both of them... anyway, I brought some cupcakes and party hats for the two of them. Then we came came and hung out till nick got home. We were going to do the birthday cake this evening, but the poor little hunny has quite a diaper rash and so I changed her diaper, she had a complete meltdown (SO SORE MOMMY!!!!) so we just went to the bath to let her soak her little bottom for a while, did some presents and off to bed. We'll do cake tomorrow or maybe just wait until Sunday's party... We'll see how the day goes! :)

Okay - really now - here are the photos...
hmmmm. what is this hat??
Belle and Trevor
Birthday girl!!!!
oooh! what's this?
and she stuffs the whole thing in her mouth!!! :)
not too messy...
but there's still crumbs!!!!
and now she LICKS the crumbs off!
a little messier now...
lounging in her new chair! i think she LIKES it! :)
opening up her present.
she loves her new toy! :)
We miss you all and hope to see you at Christmas! :)

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