Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Cakes

Here are a couple pics from this weekend for you... Our little lady is learning a little too much for her own good! She's pulling herself up on everything and walking along things... and getting in to EVERYTHING!
Pulling up on the dinner tray - peeking over. Yes, this means she's getting way too tall...
Pulling up on Nick's tray to see what he's eating... then trying to grab his pizza! :)
Pulling up on the gate - trying to get past the gate to get to the dog food on the other side - thus the reason the gate is up in the first place!
Standing up against the couch in her cute new shoes from the Renaissance Festival - they are called "Medieval Moccasins"
Look at my new shoes!!!

That's if for pictures... As for other stuff - we had layoffs at work Friday... Luckily, I did not get laid off, but I was about to wet myself when I realized what was going on!!! Hopefully no more layoffs happen. I'm so not in the mood to go find a new job!

And on a better note - I think that we finally have these fleas under control... Hopefully! The vet gave us some tablets to kill the live fleas on these two and a different kind of monthly application to try.

Hope this week goes better. :)

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