Tuesday, September 22, 2009

10 months

Here are a few quick photos for y'all... The little spaghetti face is from a couple weeks ago, but I just realized I never put it up here... it cracks me up every time :)

Waking up from her nap - on her 10 MONTH BIRTHDAY!!!! Holy smokes! I'm not sure how we've already reached this point... Do I start planning a birthday party now??
Tall girl pulling up in the crib.
Giggling at the camera.
Sitting in the glider - and not looking too happy about it.... But see below - there IS proof that she does, to some extent, resemble me as well as Nick! Note the whispy hair on the sides! :)
Me - probably pretty close to the same age.
And finally - our little dare devil sporting her bruises... She is now climbing up on EVERYTHING and that also means FALLING on everything! But she's a champ! She only cried when she knocked the tray on her head and when she fell on the table... The mark on the eyebrow - no idea where that came from. She doesn't let us know, generally. She just giggles about it and goes on her way. I'm sensing a Cody, Jr. in the bravery department!!! :)


Amy Starkey said...

after looking at that pic of you, she really does look a lot like you...sometimes it's just hard to see 'cause her face is shaped so much like her daddy...i'd say it's a good combo of the two of you! :)

TB said...

I agree with Amy :) Belle is a combo! I love the pic with the spaghetti ALL over her face--frame that one! Thanks for the support on my blog :) Happy FRIDAY (soon)!