Tuesday, January 6, 2009

frustrating day

So, today was not one of my proudest days, but I'm not perfect, so I'm letting you all know that... I was so tired this morning and completely exhausted and frustrated and mad at the baby when she was crying... I always feel guilty when I'm mad at her... :( poor baby all she knows how to do is cry when she needs something and all she wanted was a clean diaper and some food, but all I wanted to do was sleep... but I got up and got through it and got her cleaned up and fed and she was alseep like 20 minutes later, but lucky for me, I have a wonderful husband and he took a half day so I could sleep this afternoon and now we are all happy again. :)

Other news from today - we went to visit another daycare today. I was really not impressed with this place. The room that the kids stay in is a converted garage, which is fine, but then the room is sort of sectioned off into a TV area, a computer area and a play/learning area, all of which are super tiny. There was only about a 4'x4' floor area open around the TV and not much room around the tables in the play/learning area for the kids to actually play. There definitely wasn't enough room anywhere in there for a baby to be laid on the floor or anything while the other kids play. Needless to say, I am not going to send my baby there if I don't have to. I immediately called to get more numbers of daycare centers when I got home and will go to visit another one tomorrow and will call on the rest as well. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Miss Isabelle from this weekend. This is my favorite outfit and it finally fits. :) The pants are a bit big still, but at least they'll fit for a while!

I love this one. :) She's so cute and so big!!! I had to post this one to compare it to her picture from Thanksgiving so you can all see just how big she is getting!! It's amazing how fast they grow in just 6 short weeks! I know you can't see the whole swing in the Thanksgiving picture, but you can see where her head is on the dotted part of the swing then and now and where her feet where then and now... it's amazing!!!

Look at this face!!! She looks like she's terrified of something!!! This picture just cracks me up! :)

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