Wednesday, December 2, 2009


So, for all of you who DON'T know this story already... our little Belle has been sick for a couple months with a cough and a runny nose. We have been to the doctor repeatedly... This is the same thing that happened this spring and so the first time we went in, I asked about getting allergy meds since that is what finally got rid of it in the spring. And do you THINK they would just listen to me back in September??? NO!!! First it was an ear infection (this is sounding vaguely familiar... huh... EXACT SAME AS IN THE SPRING!) then when the antibiotic for that didn't help the nose or the cough, we went back... and then it was a sinus infection... Now I'll give them this one - that antibiotic worked for about 8 days... then back with the cough and runny nose. So back to the doc we went Monday and found out that she is starting to get another ear infection... and i asked about the allergy meds again and lo and behold! they gave them to us!!! And we have been on the meds for three days now (including today) and SWEET LORD we have had TWO FULL NIGHTS OF SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! damn these doctors!!! If they would have just listened to me TWO MONTHS AGO we might have been getting some sleep all along!!! grrrrr. Frustration! Anyway, HOPEFULLY this is the end of the coughing and runny nose until spring!

Today, I thought I would try out some little pig tails and it was just too dang cute not to take a million pictures! :) Here are some for you!
She was crying until Daddy gave her a cookie...
Snuggling up on my feet.
Her new favorite past time - climbing on the pack-n-play.
New favorite place!
Eating a cookie and watching TV
This is what she was doing before she got the cookie... Not sure what happened, she just suddenly started crying when the dogs went to the basement (like she was missing them) and just kept crying until she got a cookie...
So, anyway, we can't wait to see everyone at Christmas! It's going to be so much fun! :)


Life 102 said...

dang docs don't listen to me either! Jeez!

TB said...

darn it jen--she is so darn cute--just wanna squeeze those darn cookie crying cheeks..... tell Nick he is weak to give in to the cookie cry :)

glad she is feeling better!